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Flu and tosillitis causing anxiety

All my tonsils are red and yellow puss, my nose is so blocked and I am burning up my head feels like it is going to explode I've took tablets and sore throat medicine and it isn't doing any good. My heart keeps racing and I'm getting so anxious about it. Does this happen to anyone else? I am getting really dark thoughts such as what if I need to go to hospital what if this happens what if that happens. My neck and jaw feel swollen and are really hurting;( does anyone else feel this way when they're ill, if so what can I do to help

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Hello. Sounds like you need to go and see your doctor. I know that anxiety can sometimes make you feel you have all sorts of exotic illnesses, but what you have described sounds like a good old fashioned cold or something similar. It may indeed be that you have something like tonsillitis, which would account for the pain in your neck or throat. Anyway, better to go and see your doctor just to be sure.

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I am going to but I'm that Ill when I move or get up I feel so light headed and poorly x


You can ask the doctor to come to you then


Yes any time j get sick I catastrophize it. You're ok and you'll get past it. Just check if you have a fever. If you don't, you're ok. If you do, just call your doc. Fevers should t terrify you. Just means you're fighting something. Hang in there,you're ok. Health anxiety and OCD thoughts suck!


"Fevers should NOT terrify you." Sorry I mistyped above.


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