for some reason I have the sleeping pattern of an owl

for some reason I have the sleeping pattern of an owl

Just can't get me head round this, as we know the sun helps people that have depression and that's all well and good... but here is where I hit the brick wall!

I sleep all day and am awake all night due to my depression, and I have tried everything to swap the sleeping pattern around.

I was thinking of getting a light box but i think there a nice sun in that sky that wont cost me an arm and a leg to run :)

Does anyone have any good suggestions to help me get back on seeing the day again?




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  • Have you looked into Seasonal Affective Disorder ?

    My sleeping pattern has been 2am to 10am and I haven't been able to change it for years. I've just managed to start going at 1.30am and getting up at 9.30am, so maybe if I stick at this for a while, I can try changing again.

    I totally understand though, it sounds daft, but makes me ill to try and get up earlier.

    My condition's include M.E. and Fibromyalgia as well as S.A.D. so not sure which one of them is the culprit x

  • Sounds like your body clock is out of synch, maybe try and adjust it, as, like you say sun is THE thing to help balance many things in our bodies

    I do get this a bit but try and have a snooze mid afternoon.

    Wshing you well



  • thank you for your comments :) i will have a look into S.A.D



  • Hi Trip - I have this problem, I'm even worse , I go to bed at 3 - 4 -5 6 am and get up in the afternoon! :( My counsellor suggested sleeping tablets, but it's not sleeping I have a problem with, it's actualy getting to bed - I can fall asleep on the sofa no prob! i personally think it's that, by nightime, the "demands" of the day to which i feel unequal are over - you can't hoover at 3 in the morning, unless you want furious neighbours banging on your door lol - so that's when i relax. I'm sorry I don't have an answer - I wish i did, for my sake as well! And, if i HAVE to get up in the "morning" - specially if i have to set an alarm :( - I feel absolutely dreadful!!!!

    Good luck, hun and if you find an answer - PLEASE let me know! :(




  • Hi trip,

    My GP gave. Me zopiclone which were useless. I'm like rose, I go to sleep in the morning and wake in afternoon. Its the getting to bed bit. I've tried to go early to bed but end up fidgeting and disturbing OH. So up I get, do some cleaning etc or just watch crap on tv.

    I used to work night shifts and think I hate daylight. I'm not happy the days are. Longe r as its lighter. I like the night time, no one knocks on door or phones. I can sit in living room as I can't see people walking past. I feel at peace if that makes sense.

    Take care trip, you are not on your own xxx

  • Hi Rose thank you, I will have a good look around :) I will let you know if i find anything out :)



  • Thank you Cookie x



  • Hi Trip,

    I'd be like Cookie and Rose if I didn't have to be at work before 8am.

    Once you've got into the routine it's really hard to get out of it. I was definitely a bat in a former life!!!!!

    If you do want to break it I only know two ways.

    The fast way: set the alarm for a the time you want to get up and GET UP!!!

    Even if you only got to sleep at 6am get up for 8am if that is your plan. You'll be shattered and may need to nap in an afternoon (but not in the evening, just go to bed early if you need to). It'll take a week or two but your body will get the message quite quickly.

    The slow way: get up ten minutes quicker each day until you arrive at the time you'd like to be getting up. It's less traumatic to the system!!!

    Best Wishes,

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