felt like i got the better of the anxiety today!!

was waiting again for the bus this morning and got the now all familiar feelings my stomach started churning and i started to shake but this time i really had, had enough and knew i had to go to work so i imagined that the voice telling me i should be scared because something terrible was going to happen to me on the bus was a nasty little demon sat on my shoulder and everytime i had that thought or feeling i told it to get lost as though i was talking to a person that was trying to intimidate me the thought came and i said in a casual cant be bothered way oh for god sake get lost, jog on im and in my mind i felt i stood up to it! im not saying the anxiety went completely but my attitude towards it certainly made me feel a bit more in control of it, it may not work every day but it worked today and every good day is a bonus at the moment. xx


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  • Well done you great going x

  • thanks sharon i had just had enough and i thought you wont beat me today i was in that sort of mood like come on give it your best shot you bully lol xx saw you had written you ordered some rescue remedy hope it helps u i find it helps me a little x

  • Im willing to give anything a go that will help Im just so tired of the constant feeling of dread all the time Im worn out with it all x

  • Thats great. well done you :)

  • Well done thts a great acheivement :) xx

  • thank you for your comments after years of suffering with anxiety thought i would try a bit of reverse psychology with it i hope i can have that frame of mind more often! xx

  • Well done,we all know that feeling well. Its a constant battle,but you will win the war. Hopefully so will I.

  • hi thanks for your comment i ahd another positive day today which makes me belive its a war we can win we may never be completely free of it but it feels good on the days u can take control of it rather than vice versa x

  • Well done - that is such a great step - now next time you get the feeling of anxiety you have a positive memory to reinforce your attack on it! You should feel very proud of yourself!!!

  • thanks for your comment your right i used my positive memory from yesterday to help me with it again this morning stil felt anxious on the bus but the thought of how good i felt yesterday when i didnt let in consume me spurred me on x

  • that is fantastic, I was told that if you imagine anxiety as something funny it can help decrease it as well, it is great you have found a way of decreasing it

  • thanks for your comment sam ive been using this method all week some days it helps a little and some days a lot but either way its helping im so glad as its something i cannot avoid x

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