I just got released from the phyc ward of the hospital for an attempt on my life

I was wondering if any one else who has manic-depressive bipolar have any ways to cope with the absloute loss of the will to live an or if anyone wanted to just talk ive been alone in a small room all day and had no one to talk to and it just made me more scared and am still scared (im almost always scared of myself but i couldnt tell the mental eval doc or he would of committed me and i was already detained in the phyc ward and I get scared being alone because im of myself


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  • I am so sorry you feel this way I do not have your condition but can understand the hopelessness feeling as when my anxiety is bad I get depressed and It is hard to control it. I have found it seems doctors don't have time to listen or I feel they are trying to rush me out the door so I prefer a therapist. Have you tried therapy? It really helps just talking and crying things out with someone I have no ties with that doesn't know me. I am sorry you feel you can't talk about this with your family I think all of us feel that way sometimes as well like we are bothering them and they don't want to hear about our issues anymore but this is real and you must have some sort of outlet to express your self. Exercise or take up a new hobby something to keep your mind distracted. Not sure if you've tried medication or are on anything now but the right combo of meds can really help. My brother is bipolar and he takes lexapro and lamictal along with therapy he is doing a lot better! Also there is a depression site on here and they may be able to give you added advise. I am not sure why some of us have to suffer with these conditions and though I hate it I have to believe it has made me a stronger person and made me take a deeper look into myself. Maybe by not being afraid of sharing our stories we can make a difference in someone else's life who may be struggling too. Please stay strong you are not alone!

  • The worst part was being tackled by three cops and handcuffed then thrown in the back of a cop car and committed to the mental ward for most of the night untill i saw some therapast who decided if i couod go home or if he was going to get me sent to a loonybin for a month and i rly thought he was going to by the way he was talking to me

  • hopeless-basketcase, that had to be a very frightening experience for you to have the police brought in and handcuffed. Whenever someone threatens their life or the life of others, this must be the protocol for safety's sake. Being in a mental ward for the night was for your protection. I understand how lonely and scary it could be but if these feelings of harm still exist it might have been wise to tell the therapist of your thoughts. Now that you are at home, what is going through your mind. Where you given any plan soon for continued therapy, medication? Please continue to use the forum for a least some support and comfort. We are here for each other. Stay safe...

  • Hi Hope, I will not call you hopeless-basketcase because you are neither ofthose things, you are a human being experiencing mental health problems and your problems can be resolved and as time goes by your feelings can change for the better and you will once again be able to look to the future with hope.

    I have a grandson who is bipolar so what I suggest to you is based on his experience. The first thing is to work closely with a doctor or mental health professional to work out the right medications that will bring you relief and control your condition. Bear in mind they can take a few weeks to kick in and if what you're taking doesn't work for you then say so and ask to tryalternatives. There are many different medications and it may take a bit of trial and error but you will find the correct combination and strengths of medication that are right for you. That is your first priority.

    In my grandson's case his condition was aggravated and perhaps even initiated by the use of so-called recreational drugs and alcohol abuse. About a year ago he turned his back on drugs and and this has resulted in a huge improvement in his condition and he is now able to take active steps to rebuild his life. Hope, I am not inferring for one minute that you take drugs or abuse alcohol but I mention this information only to increase your knowledge on the subject and for the benefit of others who may read 5his post to whom it may be relevant.

    There are many people who you will meet who are good people and will offer you help and good advice and I say to you accept their help, they could make a big difference to your recovery. Never be too proud to accept help so long as you are sure it is being offered to you by people who care about you and are of good intention.

    Hope, give thanks that you are living in the twenty-first century when medical science has the medications to help you and take full advantage of that. Maybevone day in the future you may be able to do without some or all of your medications but that time is not now. So do look to the future with hope and optimism even if all things look dark just now, all troubles pass with time and so will yours.

  • What a great reply👍😀

  • Ive been there too. Best way I've found is taking a walk and just being mindful of my surroundings, follow the sun

  • Hi, yes I know the feeling, have attempted so many times to get out of this life, but I always wake up, then depression gets worse because of the guilt that you feel and letting down your family etc. Ii is a horrible way to feel, and nobody knows that until they have been in this dark hole. I myself have a family, but they aren't as supportive as they should be because they cannot see our illness, when I had cancer it was different, all my family showed so much love and affection, but this illness they just brush it under the carpet and think it will go away. Climbing walls doesn't help. I just go to bed and shut my door and say shit to the world out there that hurts us, but I KNOW it is just building a bigger wall to hide behind. You need some kind of medication that will just slow your brain down until you feel on top again. TRY To go for a walk and take in the air, sometimes helps, just getting away from 4 walls that trap you. I am sending you my big mummy hug, so you catch it and try to feel the strength all around you. Am thinking of you ok. All my love.x

  • My mood is stable ATM (or at least I'm in my manic state instead of my depressive state ATM) thank you all so much for the kind words it means so much to know that the world still has humanity :') and yes to answer the question about meds I'm on atleast 5 different antianxiety meds and a few mood stableizers (i know im a walking pharmacy but its the only combo of meds that help stables my manic depressive bipolar) and Lodgehouse1 Lodgehouse1 thank thank you for the mommy hugs i wish i had a mom who cared :/ i miss mommy hugs tbh

  • Aw am so glad that you are feeling better, you sound so good, keep it up Soldier!, and will send you a big mommy hug because you are so brave, Keep on trucking and take care. will be thinking of you.

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