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Hello again,just reading all your blogs/questions and some of them make for very sad reading.I hate the fact that many of you are finding things difficult and wanted to try and put a bit of hope your way.

I have been feeling pretty ok these past few days,when I do have a wobble,I laugh at my feelings of anxiety and they ease.I have realised that it is me in control of my mind,I decide what thoughts I have in the same way I make all other decisions in my life.

I focus on what is good in my life,my Son(15) still in bed,I have my physical health,thats been confirmed by my Doctor,I don't have any money worries or any other problems really and that is what I keep telling myself.

I will take my tablets,I will go to my group but in the end its down to me,I don't worry about when and why it started,I just think positive thoughts and tell myself "I will beat this" and I will and so can you.

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Ah thats so nice to hear positive thoughts hun and so agree i had some really good weeks but last couple have got me down again it seems to be a viscous circle i at the mo cant seem to shake these dizzy spells and they are frightening me when i feel so off balance but maybe its cos i keep asking myself is it the tablets is it something more serious my brain i shouldnt be feeling this dizzy its not normal then i keep saying its all in my head but how can this be feeling so bad i dont know one viscous circle am fed up at mo but so glad you feeling more positive love hopefully my day will come when i can say goodbye anxiety hello happiness well done hun :) xxxxxxxx


great blog castelnaudry, just read it out to my wife who suffers so badly from anxiety, she wants me to follow all your blogs because you are so positive,keep up the good work. you are a great ambassador for the site,x


What a reassuring blog knowing one day with determination courage laughing at the anxiety we can overcome this terrible feelings that many of us experience on a day to day basis. I suffer with anxiety disorder and have trouble venturing outside at times. I get all the symptoms like the dizzy spells and legs like jelly and feel as if i am going to faint, and to be truthful i have had enough. My husband is a diamond in every aspect of the word and usually goes out for the shopping because i find this a nightmare.

On Friday i woke up and thought i am getting ready and going to the farm shop my husband was really surprised ( to be honest i was also hahahaha) I managed to do the task i set myself. Saturday i got up and thought yesterday was not bad so i decided to get ready and have my husband take me to Sainsbury's i managed to walk around although i felt uneasy and kept saying under my breath (.... off ). I looked at young and old walking around and thought keep going dont panic and knowing my husband was at my side gave me encouragement.

Today well my children and my world and i love my grandchildren my daughter called to say my son-in-law was back from the rigs and would like to treat me to lunch. I felt the earth spin then thought no.... stop calm down get ready without hesitation and master this. Cutting my story short i went and occupied my time energy and positive thoughts into seeing my 6 month old grandson. On leaving my daughter flung her arms around me and said Mum i am so proud that you are fighting this keep going.

I want to make a recovery and i will keep fighting this because everyone deserves happiness .

Tomorrow i will try again and again until i fight these demons off.

I wish and pray that people who are struggling find a solution to take back in control what is rightfully theirs. HAPPINESS, PEACE, AND JOY.

Love Seyi xxxx


Well done and yes you will beat this one day! Keep on telling yourself that you will and you will. Good luck sweetie xx


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