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don't try to think positively!!

Hi guys,

I have heard so many times in this group posts that however bad I try to think positive I cant do that and my mind goes into those negative tornados type of situations!!

First of all guys stop this something called thinking positive,

That thing does not exists!!

we are humans , we do not control our thought process!1

Thoughts just pop in our head, you are in no control to manage those thoughts!!!

And that is the way human body and mind works!!!

If you want to feel peace,( again I am not saying that you want to control the flow of those negative thoughts you never can),Just be in positive environment,

Now you will ask that what is positive environment and you will argue that those so called inspirational speakers say that everything is in mind and those rhonda bryn says that you can change it by thinking!1

(I am not totally opposing them, but those principal do not apply when you have psychological disorders!!)

Positive environment is where you feel one with yourself and just forget your worries and your mind naturally stops what it is thinking and you feel engaged with present!!

That positive environment you can create by using the world around you not in inside part of your mind!1

Just go outside and talk to someone you love, dance on some crazy song with your friens, sing your favvy song loud, play with children,play some outdoor sport with your friends(This is really helpful), go to movie with someone with whom you really you enjoy!!

Or try to experience real beauty of nature like going out in rain, or watching sunset and sunrise(These all things would be useless if you are alone, always be with some group, it would be better if more people are there all of whom you feel comfortable around!)

And there are lot more things which will make you feel good , do those,

I know that you cant be in these type of situations always because you have your routine and people around you have also routine but try your best you can!!

Another thing is dont be too hard on yourself,

when your mind think something negative you tell yourself not to think that and be worried and somewhat hate yourself.

But when you say "Dont" that feeling would be more powerful and when you start hating yourself unknowingly , you would feel more anxious and that will start vicious cycle!!

So in short do not be hard on yourself and please do not try to think positively!!

I am always here if anybody wants some help!1

Post it or message it!!

I am always here!!

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In short way just let your anxiety take control and let it give you thousands of thought but at one point your mind will get tired only if you do not give those bad thoughts attention!!


There used to be a very popular post on here and on Living with anxiety called Positive Friday

One post that every week got the most replies

Reason for this is because most with anxiety will always think so negative and forget that anything Positive had happened during the week no matter how small that may have been so asking people to look back over the week to look what Positive things happened among all the negative thinking really used to help !

They now are doing the same thing on Action with Depression seems that members like the Positive post on there to !

I agree when you are feeling anxious you should let the thoughts go through your mind as to help to see once they dismiss they were irrational it was your anxiety but to get to know that it was your anxiety it can help to turn those thoughts into a positive when you rationalize them

For example ....Someone with Heath Anxiety , they keep thinking because they have a pain in there side it is going to be a heart attack ....negative thinking ......Positive thinking ...I have been having these pains now for 6 months nothing bad has happened , all the Doctors say I am fine , I need to start believing it and let the anxiety bully know I am not interested ....retraining the mind how it thinks as the mind has gone down the road of fear & negativity so much it needs to retrain and we have to put some effort into doing that even though we should not force it but help it a long gently....

Have a Positive Friday :-)


Yeah you should not force it!!

It should be gentle and most of us "do not go gentle into that night!"!!

I agree with you in putting small effort but when that small effort fails you should not be too hard on yourself and let go on!!!


What comes to mind when reading this is acceptance, accepting that you have anxiety and other symptoms is key in getting better and taking control, I agree with the OP in not thinking positive because that in itself can be a problem and make you feel worse because of feeling let down. Like he said, go out and live your life with or without your symptoms before it's too late to regret anything.

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People try to be normal again , but they dont understand that they already are normal!

It's just they are responding differently to normal situations and that you cannot call disease!1

It is just state of mind and how you try to make some change in your nature , first you accept it!1

You then slowly try to change the way your mind thinks but in this process you do not be hard on yourself!1

That is how you change yourself!

Specially those who are in management line as I am in It and change is evident part of my IT life, but we go gently ,

Hope this you would be able to relate to your anxiety problem!!


This relates to mine, I suffer from derealisation and it effects my concentration, my memory and focus, I find it hard to recall what I did yesterday but stressing over it is causing unnecessary worry, I KNOW i'll get better but people expect it to happen overnight (i'm guilty of this) but it's not the case, just simply put things to the back of your mind and carry on doing what you'd normally do, whether it go down town and do shopping or just by going to work, distract yourself!

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I wholeheartedly agree with you on trying to think positive , when thoughts pop in and out of your head all the time, when you try to stop them and can't, you feel more anxious, and you begin to feel a failure,


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