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lonely and frightened

I should be old enough at 70 to accept that I must find recovery within myself not in

other people. But it has been a cold long lonely day and I long for people to

fill the gap so I can hide from the pain inside. Hopefully sharing this will help other

people as well as me feel that they are not alone.

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I too live alone,and u r not alone when u one n here,thers allways someone to chat too,iv got various illnesses that plague me from time to time,and if I'm feeling I can't cope I come on here,we're sll ways here if u want to chat



I'm alone too and this forum is great for that :)

Sue x


Hi,there is a lady at my group meeting who is about your age.She very much values the meetings and they help her,no-one should suffer alone,take care.


I am alone too its no fun but we have to face it.and this cold winter hasn't helped. Everyone of us will hold together with a big. HUG I'm over 80 and have survived alone for 20 years, at least we have TV telephone and the blogs, whatever did they do in my mothers time, Love from cotonroad


Hi, I live with my mum, see family regular, see my boyfriend and still feel isolated and lonely. Sometimes you dont have to be alone to feel alone. X


Ah hi love you should never feel alone and dont feel ashamed coming on here we are here for each other and no matter what your age is love it doesnt mean you should have to feel this way no one shoulg ever feel isolated and alone come on here as much as poss and talk to us hopefully you may feel a little better xxxx



I live my partner and 24 cats and I still feel so alone at times but then I come on here and have a ramble, ask for support and/ or advice and the lovely people on here never let me down. When your feeling lonely, day or night, just come here and chat about anything you like.

Love and best wishes xxxx Cookie


Really relate to what you say!! This site is very helpful and we just have to keep tring to be optimistic.


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