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I feel like I am the lonliest person in the world. I have still not heard about my mammogram yet and it is now over 2 weeks since I had it. When I found that I had breast cancer I was fine with all the treatment and it did not other me at all so we don't talk about it. I have seen my own Doctor this week who has changed me from Seroxat to Duloxetine but feel too frightened to swop. My breasts are really hurting me and also my back. I do take morphine but that doesn't seem to work. I don't really now what to do and how my Husband puts up with me I will never know.

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I am sorry to hear you are feeling lonely with all you are having to cope with. All I can say is you are not alone on here and post away as much as you want, someone will always answer. We may not have the answer but we are all here for you okay.

Your husband I am sure doesn't put up with you, but cares and loves you as his other half.

Do you think you could explain to your doctor what you have put on here today? And see if you can get some more support for everything that is going on with you at the moment.

Please don't feel alone with all this, thinking of you.

Gardener x


Oh that is very sad that you feel so lonely at such a difficult time in your life.

Get onto those mammogram people and ask for the result.maybe you should see your GP again and ask for reassurance about changing the meds. I am sure, given your circumstances , that they wouldn't mind.

I would also try and find out if their is a Breast cancer support group or person in your town. Your GP may know this too.

I bet your husband loves you to bits and is trying to be as supportive as possible. Men are creatures of few words generally, so maybe he finds it hard to express how he feel.s

Come on here and post away. There will always be someone to help you. Love Julie xx


Hello Sundayschild.

It may seem strange coming from a male, but both my sister in law and my baby sister have both had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy so I have seen what the treatment and surgery has done to them. Fortunately they have both been given the all clear. You show great courage talking about such a personal issue and your hubby sounds brilliant I know things often feel worse before they get better but try and stay strong.

Thinking of you Kenny xxxx


Hi Sundayschild, as a mere man I feel a little inadequate in repyling to you,with regards to your cancer, however when my mum had it I complained to GP about the time results were taking, he told me, not to worry too much, as if any thing worrying had shown up they get in touch ASAP, so lets take that as a positive sign.

I have had depression, on and off for a while and with your problems it's not surprising you have it,,and I have taken the medication he's prescribed for you and they helped me a lot, however a word of advice, I found they took about 3 weeks before they kicked in.

You are bound to feel lonely and frightened with the pain, and the worry, I feel the same, as I'm having a spine op next month, but thats nothing compared to you. I'm very lucky I have a wife who is very kind, ww both need to show them how we appreciate them if it's only to say I love you.

I wish you all my very best wishes, and any time your low, contact one of us, we are always

here to chat to



Thank you all for replying and it means so much to me that complete strangers would give me such positive help and support. I was told that the mammogram would take 2 - 3 weeks but I am in real pain and morphine so I think I have enough medication to take. My best moment comes when I take an antidepressant at night and within 1 hour I am asleep for about 7 jours before I wake up. I will telephone the Breast Clinic today and try and see what is going on. I am scared to go from 50mg Seroxat to the new tablets that are 60mg Duloxetine. I thought that you had to come off Seroxat slowly. Many many thanks to all of you who have replied and have a good day xxx


Hi, I am sorry you feel so alone. It is a very distressing time for you. I hope you get your results soon and you can move on with your life. Some Doctors, I had one, that gave me two anti-depressants without weaning me off the first, but I found it helpful, as you are only replacing one tablet with another one, but I do understand how fearful you feel.

Sending you a hug. xx


I am a little scared to come off one anti-depressant and take a new one. I have been trying to get hold of my Mental Health Consultant and see what he says. Perhaps no news is good news regarding my mammogram, fingers crossed. Many thanks for your reply. xx


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