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so lonely

I am so lonely. 27 years old with depression and anxiety and this is my life!

No real friends to see each day no one to snuggle up with at night, its a dark cold life i am living.

People say get out and make new friends! easy to say but not to do.

I hate going out and have never found someone that understands depression and anxiety, i just wish there was a little more to my life, just to be loved for who i am, and not to be used:(



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Hey Trip,

I completely get how you feel. I was/am the same at the moment and sometimes I think, I'm 25 and I should be living my life to the fullest, but the anxiety makes it difficult. :( These days it seems nearly impossible to make friends and heading out on your own is not always the most fun, esp when your anxious. I completely understand!

Have you tried an online friend meeting thing or something? I know there is a website that is quite popular here in Aus called Meetup and I think they do apply to the UK as well. Maybe something like that. I know it will be scary but maybe it will give you something else to do. I am still struggling with this though so I completely understand how scary it is. You know you still have everyone on this site!!! If you need to talk we are all here. Just PM or post! You're not alone, we are all here :)

xo Cass


Hi Trip,

you're not alone try facebook too, I'm half way across the world so your night time would be my morning. Dont caught up in your anxiety. you are still young, and we are young only once.

Be HAPPY!!!!!


Hi Trip

U re not alone.This website is full of people like u.i ve been there too..We have to try to be positive and kind to ourselves.think about yourself how can u get better,try some self-help as well.accept your condition.I don t think I m out there in the world either I shoul travelling going out and have lots if friends but I m not...but I m working on it.we are all work in progress..



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Hi trip,

I have a partner and 20 cats and I feel alone, she is very patient with me and says she understands but I don't think she does. My daughter has asked me to go into town with her today but I don't think I will cope. I feel safe in my bedroom. My daughter is your age and I would hate for her to feel like we do. Thank god for sites like this and the kind and friendly people on them that go some way in helping us remain social. Try and stay positive, these feelings won't last forever x


I think depression and anxiety can make you feel like youre on your own and as cookipatch says they have a partner and still feels lonely....

Try get all the support you can and do your video blog, it was great.... youre are not alone now on here, we are all friens and understand how you feel...

Im moving to a new area and have no friends and I know how hard it is to get out esp when youre feeling low and anxious... I have had the courage to do some voluntary job, its only 1 day a month so no pressure but I felt great after pushing myself just a little.... when youre ready hun might be worth thinking about...

Dont feel alone, were all here thinking of you xx


Hi there Trip, oh dear I'm so sorry you feel the way you do, but already it looks like you've had replies from all sorts of caring people here on this site, so take time to read them and realise people really feel for you.

Thinking of a practical step which should be open to you, have you thought of getting some training in CBT - cognitive behaviour therapy? I did a course a few months ago and have found it enormously helpful, in fact I've been feeling so much better since I did it. It is a very logical approach to the problems we all share and basically the therapists gently ease you into a more positive habit of thinking about yourself and your worries. I got started via my GP, so your first step is to make an appointment and talk to him, which might not be a bad idea in any case.

Do try this if you can in the long term, meanwhile I hope you have a better day and weekend and may even get to see your girls for some fun.



Sorry Trip , you were having a few good days , this will pass again hun & friends will happen eventually

Where are the diarys you were doing & putting on here , have been looking for your next one ;)

Thinking about you

whywhy xxx


Hi trip, i know you hate your situation but it gives me hope that im not the only one......sorry. im 31, i havent worked for two and a half years now becouse anxiety, panic and depression has tottally took over. i live with my mum and struggle everyday with pretty much everything. i am in a relationship but to be honest as much as i love him he hasnt got a clue what its like for me. i have no social contacts left at all and am quite socially anxious, ive been agoraphobic for the past two and a half years and go no where alone.....the put it mildly my life is not a life, im my own prisioner. the health anxiety side of things has gone through the roof dont think my body can take anymore, i feel unwell daily which is a mixture of anxiety and physical things going on which probably came from anxiety in the first place. the though your blog was really brave, i would love to do that but too scared. please chat to me anytime, would love to talk. take care. xxxxxxx


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