Frightened Cookie

Good Morning all,

WOW, we had a storm from hell here last night. 2 blooming hours of it. 2 of my cats were out in it and come home looking like drowned rats.

I hate lightening and was crouched by the back door calling them, pooping my cacks, when i got battered by icy hail stones i called it a day.

Most cats would have found shelter, they have a gazebo up next door for christ sake, no, not my cats, i was chasing them round the house with towels at 4am.

They are crashed out now bless them, They are Hero's, they weathered the storm and live to tell the tail lol

I hope you are all as well as can be.

xxx love Cookie xxx


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10 Replies

  • Cookie mate , have you took your meds today or to many lol

    Its nearly 5 in the afternoon , morning went you might have missed it

    Hope this helps you lol

    Lovely to see you racing through here again though what ever time it is

    Its raining here now & thunder again , I dont like it when it does , I would be joining your cats lol


    Tried my tongue face , hope it works , but you no what it looks like lol


  • Lol, meds were taken at 7.30am as i didnt get to sleep till 10am. sleep eludes me at night. i want to come back as a vampire. that schedule would suit me just fine. :-D

  • O the thought :D


  • I was laughing , it just didnt say I was lol


  • lol, i do like my steak with blood. i wouldnt bite you though mate xxx

  • Well I am pretty rare you know!!

  • Say that again grog very rare indeed :-D



  • lol a reet proper rare breed are thee grog lad lol xxx

  • Hi we had that storm here last night, one of my dogs was trembling, i had to shut my windows, as it was so loud, and she would not settle for the rest of the night , she was scared stiff, i got her under my duvet with me, but we were suffocating under there , so we had to come up for air, it was a very rough night, my other dog was not at all bothered, other than kept growling, and had his back up ,as if to say ,you come in here and i will have ya. lol




  • Hi cookie you are lucky we had 6 hours of thunderstorms last night woke up at the beginning proper terrified,y OHthought I was going to drive to his mate because I was that scared but FFs I'm that scared I couldn't even are the thought of going out in it ended up hiding under my duvet trying to drift off. Awe less em your poor cats the must of been terrified at least they are all safe and sound nowxx

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