Feeling frightened :-(

I'm feeling frightened and trying to stay calm but it is hard as I'm on my own while husband is on night shifts

Worried as I got full back ache with bit of pelvis and pariond what if its cancer in bones?? I wish I never read "stand up to cancer" pages on Facebook and saw some comments people get bad back ache and turn out it was cancer.

2 days ago I remember I was filling the large black bucket with hot water (bit heavy) and carry all way downstairs 3 times to wash my dog. Pain start next day and I tried muscles heat cream, hot bath with sea salt contain magnesium and hot water bottles- didn't work!!



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  • Hiya Minnie

    I know it can be lonely on our own and I really feel for you. Time will soon pass.

    The internet can sometimes be unhelpful when we stumble upon topics such as cancer .

    Try not to take them too seriously MInnie. Lots of posts on the interent are written by people who aren't knowledgable and so we must try to do soemthing else rather than absorb what we read ofn facebook.

    Hope you soon pick up Minnie ,

    swan : )

  • Ok just got out of sea salt bath and now lying on bed in 2nd bedroom where its quite and dark while light come through by the window and trying to stay calm.

    Nothing serious right?

  • Hi Minnie

    Lovely to see you on here , even though wish you were not feeling bad :-(

    You will have strained a few muscles Minnie picking up a heavy bucket , happens to me all the time , I can ache every where , they will soon be back to normal honestly , its when we use muscles we are not use to using all the time , thats all

    It really is nothing serious , might ache for a couple of days , but will go

    Minnie , avoid everything on fb , internet , dont read them , I used to till coming on here , now its a big no no for me & it has been a huge help

    We are all here Minnie , I no hubby is at work ( that lovely hubby of yours .-) but you have this great site , he will soon be back :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Thank you for reassuring me and I was feeling so frightened and trying to stay calm but its bit hard. I reaslied google is dangerous and make people feeling scared so I'm going to steel away from it NOW! Hope my back aches will go away soon. Nothing serious right?? Xx

  • Minnie ,

    No its nothing serious , promise you

    Please keep away from google etc , when you feel tempted come on here instead

    Your aches will go away , give it time , it will go

    whywhy xx

  • Thank you, will def steel away from google!!! Only come on here ?? doing anything nice this evening?? Xx

  • P.s got ache on left arm but trying to ignored it xx

  • P.S I have to , but mine is the right arm , but nothing will happen lol

    Good on you keep ignoring it , if I sit for long enough & think , i will find a pain every where lol

    You will be on here tommorrow Minnie , I promise you :-)

    whywhy xx

  • Thank you, you too.... try ignore the pains but can't believe anxiety can take over us people and making us feeling frightened, not nice!! Got counselling appt on next Thursday and hope I will feel lots better by less anxiety!! Are you taking vitamins? Anti depressant tablets? Anything help you? Xx

  • Just ignore them , we all get them lol wait till you get older !

    I am sure your counselling will make you feel alot better as well mean time you have here :-)

    O Minnie you make me smile you are so in to your vitamins , are you sure you are not working for them on commission lol & I am sorry to say I dont take any :-(

    I have to take so many other tablets for health reasons , i just feel I walk round rattling as it is lol

    I have in the passed been on different tablets for anxiety , but nothing worked :-( I take so many now for my health problems , some make me tired , i just dont feel I want any more pushing at me

    I have to start one for cholesteril next week , which I am not looking forward to :-( made a mistake & read the side effects , but that was before i came on this site or I would have realised not to do that , so before I even take one I think i am going to get the side effects !

    But with this site hopefully i will manage better than usual , we will get there Minnie :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Thanks, you should take vitamin d as its very important for your body and can help with depression but high dose appox 500-1000iu, give it few weeks to kick in as it prevents people from feeling depression and mood swings. I've started taking them today and will see how it goes. I'm trying to be determind and not take citrapolzm as its very easy for doc to give people so I rather to stick to counselling and see how it goes and come here often. ?? Are you having counselling too? Does it help hun? What is choestril?? Xx

  • I have had counselling in the past , infact i think they needed counselling by the time they had finished with me lol

    Well if I wasnt on so many other tablets I might try a anxiety one , but its up to each one what we feel is best , I just would rather see how things go for now

    choesteril is bad fats that get in your blood steam , not good for you , you dont have to worry you are far to young to get anything like that , people as they get older can sometimes get it , its good to eat a low fat diet & watch your fat intake , but I do that & mine is still high , it does run in my family though , so may be thats why i have it


    And dont you think you will have it because you really wont !!!!

    whywhy xxx

  • Ah I understand and hope you will feel better soon on this tablet, don't think about side effects ok? As it will feed your anxiety more. I won't google it as I promise!!.... I'm in bed and now reading a very good book about anxiety- at last a life by Paul David! It makes me feel relax and understand more about anxiety! :-) hugs xx

  • Of to bed to now Minnie to , glad you are feeling more relaxed :-)

    Hugs back to you

    whywhy xxx

  • HI minnie

    It sounds like you have Health Anxiety.Glad you are going to see a Councillor. Is this for CBT as they are the experts. I take Sertraline medication for GENERAL ANXIETY DISORDER this has really helped with the thoughts of having a life threatening illness. As for vitamin D I try to do a 4 mike walk 5 times a week with my Daughter. Not always sunny but burns of some of the adrenalin I have suffered over 35yrs this does not mean you will. There are so many support networks available now for sufferers including this wonderfull site.

    Good luck Chick x

  • Hi minnie, i have health anxiety and its up the wall at the moment cos ive had the flu type virus so everything hurts and im due on so i feel like an emotional upside down freak. please dont read stuff about health symptoms on the net, i used to look up symptoms all the time and it made me ten times worse. i still do very rearly but no tlike i used to. you may have hurt your back bathing the dog......i used to work in a dog grooming parlour and its very straining work on your body. i bath and groom my own dog and my mums and i feel like ive done a work out after. i also get scared when im home alone i hate it, i feel like im going to be ill and theres no one around to help incase something happens. i live with my mum cos my boyfriend works strange shift pattens and id hate to be alone all day and night. thinking of you. x

  • Thanks girls :-) sending you all hugs xx

  • aww minnie if u wanna talk we can have a chat i suffer with panic attacks and feeling anxious all the time lately and so alone if u wanna chat u on msn xx

  • Aww thank you Lisa!! :-) be nice!! Xx

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