it's lonely

it is so lonely when nobody understands what you're going through. i do not try to explain anymore, i am tired of the confused looks and the unfulfilling feeling from not being understood. i suffer in silence, isolate and just fade away. it can be days of being alone with my anxiety and depression and no one knows. i am alone. people tell me how much i am loved, then why dont they know ?if people knew how bad i felt they would call more...i am sad and lonely


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  • I know Charro535, how sad and lonely anxiety can make you feel, even when surrounded by those who love you. Others do not understand how it eats away at us everyday. I've seen that look of bewilderment even from doctors I have been to. Do they not understand as well? Isolating makes us feel that our world is getting smaller and smaller. There is no quick answer other than come onto the forum where you know we understand, we feel your emotional pain and loneliness. It will help comfort you for the time. We are all here for each other because we care. x

  • Thank you. I wish I had someone who was more like me in my life. Everyone else is so "normal" I try every day to be a better person and be grateful for what I do have.

  • You know Charro, I use to think the same thing, wishing there was someone else like me. Through this forum, I have realized there are. We just don't see it in our everyday life. The forum has shown me that it happens to young and old, men and women, professionals and stay at home moms. We all are pretty good at hiding the fact we have an anxiety issue sitting on our shoulder. I don't know if the answer is being with people just like us which may feed into our anxiety but rather being the best we can be for who we are. Sending a hug x

  • xo

  • hi agora, i know how you feel about doctors that do not understand, most of them are not trained to deal with mental health, they do just think it is all in your head, my doctor just kept giving me different anti depressants ( 10 in total and diazpam ) and then eventually bisopral which made me seriously ill. There is not enough help and they think tablets are the easy answer. i now have a really understanding doctor who doesn't think i am a looney like my other doctors made me feel like and i am no longer on any tablets at all for the last year. there is help out there but it is finding the right help for you.

  • I get it. When I talk about my anxiety to my friends and family I almost always get "what do you have to be anxious about?". They don't understand that its involuntary and that I can't control when it comes or goes.

  • I know how you feel dude, im the same way, we feel lonely because we deal with a feeling thats inside us that nobody can see, its personal and its also invisible to people. I get ya. And also, with regards to 'normal' people, they are kinda boring and simple, lol, nothing against them, but a person who suffers a little with being a human, who's dealing with emotions and thoughts, to me, thats an interesting person, I want to get to know that guy/gal. The whole normal people lifestyle, their no problem days and no worries and picture perfect family, they get shit done and stuff but, meh, no deep conversation going on there. Id rather stand next to you at a gathering to talk about things x

  • hi, im really sorry you are feeling lonely, unless someone has been through anxiety they do not understand at all . i isolated myself for a long time in the spare room, only went down for food, the turning point for me was my daughter got me to walk only a few yards down the road, i was shaking from head to foot and couldn't focus properly, but she made me do it, after a few weeks of this i built up my confidence and went a bit further, it is not easy but you just have to tell yourself that you can do it, have you had any counselling. i also had relaxation classes and i found talking to other people who has actually been through stress, anxiety themselves understood what i was going though more. my husband and i separated for 2 years when my anxiety was so bad has he didnt understand what was going on and couldn't help me, we are back together now but i think he always worry incase some thing triggers it back. have you spoken to your doctor . please let me know.

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