HI all,does anyone have any experience?thoughts on feeling absolutley fine & back to normal one day then BOOM anxiety & fear the next?

I have been on sertraline for eight weeks, six on 50mg two on 75mg, plus 10mg propranalol three times a day.I tend to wake up early with anxiety most days & this can last until the evening but does go off. Sometimes I take Phenergan to help me sleep & when I do I dont seem to have the panic attacks in the morning. The doc has just given me 10mg of Amiltryptaline to take at night to help me sleep,Anybody had any experience of this med?

Cheers for now


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  • Hi, yes I felt fine yesterday, then last night could not sleep! Doctor won't five me any more sleeping tablets as he thinks i was getting dependent on them. Today I am really anxious, if I could get a good nights sleep i could cope during the day. Sorry not had those meds

  • Hi,thanks for your reply

  • Hi Lancia, I used to take amytriptilline as a preventative for my migraines. It is an anti depressant but is used for lots of other things like pain relief, as its meant to stop pain signals reaching the brain. I took a larger dose than you, at night, but it did give me fantastic night's sleep! No longer take them as the migraines stopped after years of having them.

    Hope it works for you.

  • THanks,so do I.

  • I don't take any tablets and find this happens, can even be hourly, fine one hour then the next anxious as anything,...

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you

  • I've never taken any medication, and yes, I can feel absolutely fine one minute and then wham, the panic attack hits me for no reason at all.

    This afternoon I felt all panicky as I was doing housework - I really have no idea why.

    That's how it goes.

  • Dear Lancia,

    I do. I have had a few nights of panic attacks the last few nights, after having a relatively quiet period without them.

    I have been trying to work out was stresses I am under that might be bringing them on. A Psychologist on an NHS website said that it is an idea to work out what stresses the person having the panics might be under which could be causing the panic attacks.

    I hope that you improve soon.

    warmest regards,


  • THanks Marcus

  • I have been pretty well for a week or so and then the anxiety comes back with a vengeance. So I know how you are feeling. I am waiting for the next good week to start.

  • Hi thanks for the reply.Its not good is it?

    Cheers for now

  • Hi,

    I have been on 150 mg Sertraline for as long as I can remember. It has worked well for me and most of the time I am on an even keel. I used to take Amptriptylene but they did make me very drowsy, and it is true they are used for painrelief.

    I was given hay fever tablets to help me sleep (Phenergan) just to get my sleep pattern back to normal.

    I hope you feel well soon. Eunice

  • Hi & thanks Eunice, so its still early days for me then.

    Good luck

  • How long have you been on setraline, I have been using it for 5 years and feel they are not as effective as I still get bouts of anxiety every few months.

  • Hi Hamish,

    I have been on Sertraline for about 10 years. There isn't, in my opinion, any tablet that prevents some sort of anxiety depending on what stresses you encounter, If you feel they are not working I would go back to your g.p, maybe you need a stronger dose, or a change of medication.

    Regards Eunice

  • Hi, I'm not taking any meds but always wake around 3 a.m. with my mind working overtime and can't swith off. Sometimes during the day I feel great, like I can take on the world, but others I can hardly function and can barely speak to people and have this feeling of impending doom, like something terrible is just about to happen. I know how you feel and hope you feel better soon x

  • Yea i didnt like it it made me feel worst but try it it mite work for u i take clonazepam

  • Never had experience with that medication but I can understand where your coming from one day you feel cured and then all of the sudden it hits you for no reason, just remember you cant let your guard down for one day even if you feel completely fine you gotta stay active and strong you'll get through this.

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