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Does anyone else have anxiety about people coming to the house? (Untidiness problems)


Mum verged on OCD as regards tidiness, and expected me to clean intensively before anyone was expected. Partly as a reaction to this, after she died I let things go. I'm in rented accommodation and have to have my boiler replaced on Thursday and Friday. I'm very anxious.

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I am sorry its had this effect on you & i can imagine that it could do

I have OCD , but have tried so hard not to let it affect my family

I have to have everything in its place & clean ,, but I dont make any one else do it but me

Is there any particular reason you feel so anxious , do you feel the house is not clean enough ?

Try & remember they will not be bothered , they may make a bit of mess anyway & all they want to do is get the job done , get paid & go home

Keep talking on here & we will try & help





I am a very untidy person. Try and not let it worry you too much, we can't be perfect. I am sure the people fitting your boiler will not be looking at your house, just doing there job. Don't be too hard on yourself


I have 24 cats mate and I sh**e myself when landlady wants to come round coz as far as she knows, I have 2 lol. My place is always messy.

Life is too short to be worrying about tidying up all the time ( whywhy not included lol ) but I would be on my knees all week scrubbing if someone was coming.

Just clean areas you need to eg hallway and wherever boiler is, then pray they don't want to go to every room checking the radiators lol. Xxx

It will all be over by the weekend mate.

Thinking of you xxx love Cookie xxx

I know they will have to do the radiators - just hoping they leave upstairs until the second day. At least the Housing Association know about, and have approved, my rats!


Hi Missrat just seen our post. It made me laugh because I have the opposite of OCD :d

My place is so messy I have to have warning of any visits so I can tidy and clean!

My sister who lives downstairs is having her boiler replaced too. I will give you the same advice I gave her. Try not to think of it. Think instead of how great it will be to have a new boiler which works properly! Good luck with it.

Bev x

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