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Dear everyone,

I have been reading quite a bit about 'the rescuer personality' over the past few months. I have started to wonder whether that was or is me. A 'rescuer' comes to the aid of others emotionally, however, for a reason, to satisfy a 'need', in him or herself. He or she needs to be needed. Ultimately, the rescuer realises that it is he or she that needs to be rescued. .

After a year and a half of councelling, I feel as if I have just about started on a new path. Through councelling I have talked about bad times in my past and feel as though there is healing starting to take place or perhaps that I am touching the healing and perhaps something is moving.

For lack of an exact word for how I feel, I feel a certain apprehension,, unsureness about how things will go however I also feel that there is or might be, somewhere, the strength in me to handle things or be able to deal with things.

I learnt something from an article that I got on a course called 'anger without agression' which reads something like this. If you are trying to work out how you feel about something, ask yourself ' what am I afraid of?'. For example, I am afraid of councelling because I might come to talk about or am confronted by parts of my past that hold difficult emotions.

I wish everyone all the best.

lots of Love,

Marcus xxx .

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Hi Marcus this is really interesting to read and there is so much truth in what you have said. I'm so pleased the counselling is going well and the healing has begun. Keep posting its lovely to hear your progress love eve x


hi marcus, i understand what you are saying about being needed, this is what my boyfriend does with me but really needs it for himself. unfortunatly he is in too much denile to accept councelling. shame. i wish you a great day and am glad you are going in the right direction. xxxxxxxx


Dear Sam1981,

Thank you for your supportive and positive words. It is interesting to read about you and your boyfriend. It toke me approximately a year of going to councelling before I really started to get into it. I wish you and your boyfriend all the very best.

Thank you and I wish you the same.

I hope that your dog is well. In the picture she or he looks very cute.

lots of hugs,

Marcus xxx


Dear Eve39,

Thank you for your kind, supportive and encouraging words. You have replied before and it is supportive that you have done so again. I have worried that no one will reply to my blog.


Marcus xxx


Hi Marcus

Well you said you were going to try & blog every week about how you are feeling & hope this gives you confidence that people will reply & you will keep blogging , i have been waiting & looking for you blog , so there will always be me that will reply as well as others ...hope that reasures that doubt you had

I also understand what you are saying , I think alot of anxiety sufferes , have low self esteem & we need to feel wanted & loved ...sometimes though when we are we can also find it hard to accept someone does want & love us

This I believe boils down to us needing to start to accept & love ourselfs , which can be hard as we can focus on the negatives about us & forget the positives

You have so much more positives about you , than any negatives & no human is perfect any way

I am so proud to have just joined this site when you came on not long after & been able to see Marcus slowly opening up & come out of his shell & the progress you have made , it makes me feel so happy

I shall look out for nxt weeks blog or if you do one before ;-)

Big hugs :-D




Dear Whywhy,

Thank you for supportive and special words. I am so happy to be a part of this site with you there.

an amazingly special and loving hug,

Marcus xxx


Thank you :-)



Hi Marcus,

Do you have any further info or links on 'the rescuer personality'? Sounds just like me and we've started hitting on this in therapy too, but I fear we'll run out of time.

Thanks for sharing x


Dear Sasays,

I do. If you type into google 'the rescuer identity' the first two web adresses will be about the rescuer identity or personality from the website 'Psychology today'.

I wish you all the very best.


Marcus xxx


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