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Dear everyone,

It is my goal to write a blog about how I feel once a week.

I have anger issues.

I currently feel asif there is a much clearer path for my issues to come out, through great councelling, writing in an emotions diary, going on courses, talking to and support from my family (especially my brother) and friends about my feelings and this special community at anxiety uk. Thank you to everyone for being therefore me.

I still feel asif there are one maybe two blocks in me that prevents the words from coming out, It feels a little like reluctance.I still have difficulty in finding the right words to express how I feel, however I am improving. It takes me a little time.

I currently feel like I am struggling to express how I feel, I feel emotions somewhere in my lower abdominal area spreading a little upwards and into my chest and a little downwards also. I feel a sense of release or letting go after writing these things down.

I wish everyone well.

Warmest regards,


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Hi Marcus you are doing great. I'm going through therapy sessions so I do get what you mean. Letting go of stuff is a challenge and i too have battled with wanting to let go of some stuff but also fighting the letting go bit its all part of the healing process and it feels weird but keep going and piece by piece you will put yourself back together take care love eve x


Dear Eve39,

Thank you. Thank you for your words of encouragement and support.

I am sorry to read that you have been through and are going through a tough or challenging time with your therapy sessions.

I wish you all the best.

warmest regards,

Marcus x


Hi Marcus

From you first joing this site, I see such a big change in you , I really do & its a joy to see as well , as you are such a lovely member on here

Everything you are starting to feel is normal , its all signs that you are making progress in your recovery , do not fear how you are feeling ,its normal

Go with it , slowly these feelings will start to emerge , when they are ready , you are doing so well & I am so happy to see it happening to some one like you , you deserve it

Well done for all your hard work you are putting into your recovery , you are getting there ;-)





p.s now your have told us your goal is to blog every week , will be looking out for it :-D



Dear Whywhy,

Thank you for your supportive, lovely and kind words. I feel a sense of understanding, caring and support after reading your reply.

I hope that you have a lovely day today.

big hugs,

Marcus xxx


Always a pleasure to reply to you Marcus :-)



Hi Marcus

Echo totally Whywhy's wise words - you've come on enormously since you joined the site - well done, and you're always so kind and supportive to others!

One thing I found when i was very very bad - I couldn't write - perhaps because I'm a bit of a poet, and my writing has to be PERFECT ( ;) ) or i get depressed with it. So i drew instead. No, don't get me wrong - I CANNOT DRAW!!!! not if my life depended on it. It doesn't have to be "of" anything, it doesn't have to "look" like anything - just get paper, pencils - crayons are good, you can choose different colours according to your mood - and just make marks on the paper!!! It helped me enormously, you might like to try it?

Good luck, and as Whywhy says, we'll be looking out for your blog!

Hugs, Marcus


Dear Rose,

Thank you for your supportive and kind words. I feel a sense of kindness and support after reading your reply.

Thank you, that is a very good idea. I will try it. My last name(van Breugel) and vincent(van Gogh) have some similarities.

lots of hugs,

Marcus xxx


Hiya Marcus

Anger used to be a terrible emotion for me to anger. I understand how you are feeling.

However, I would not rule out people who you come into contact with as the source of your anger. In other words:

There is, for instance, "justified anger" when we find ourselves fuming after being in the company of repugnant people. Even though this kind of anger is still a negative emotion, there would be something seriously wrong with you if you reacted 'pleasantly' when confronted with sickly-minded people.

Unfortunately the world is full of repugnant and shallow people. And so it is true most right-thinking people tend to supress this kind of anger, for one reason or another. That said, if you can find some like-minded people then I am sure you will see the funny side .

Also, Marcus, there is "irrational anger". This makes its appearance in us when we seem to be angry for no apparent reason. In this instance, the cause of this kind of anger is fear of facing the truth. What happens in the case of "irrational anger' is the person who is experiencing it looks to blame another person for their instability. They characteristically deny they are unable to deal with the truth about themselves and instead try to hold themselves together by throwing little tantrumns and pointing the finger of blame for their unhappiness at other people.

The trick is, Marcus, is that we first become more aware of what really causes all this fear within us. And once we have come to understand ourselve better, we carry on cultivating our better attributes and try to drop our lesser attributes.

Even so, in a case of "justified anger", Marcus, the answer is often that we need remember we have a duty to ourselves and that duty is we try to keep the company of people who are conducive to our emotional well-being.

Have a good day Marcus,

SL : )


Dear Swanlinnet,

Thank you for your reply to my blog. It is supportive, interesting, usefull and important.

Thank you.

I wish you a very good day also.

warmest regards,



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