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Should not have done ie

Been worrying amongst other things I looked online to check what my gas bill will be like,I pay by D/Debit,my bill is not due yet but already have a £200 shortfall,same with last bill.Cant cut back on heating anymore,I do have the heating on but in the evening I have a blanket over my legs and at the weekend I even had a hot water bottle at my back.

I go to bed earlier than I want and watch tv as I can turn heating off.

To make it worse an ad for British Gas has just been on,the one with the boiler saying "we are working harder to keep you warmer"Joe Public has to pay the price.

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Oh,and it is now snowing again!


Ah i so know how you feel and their are loads of families struggling to keep up with the bills i have 3 children and its awful sometimes when you can only have heating on for a limited time i put mine on an hour n half in morning to warm through for kids before they go to school and a couple of hours at night and they all put their onzies on to keep them snug its awful when you have to cut back but we all feeling the pinch love and why should we have to live like this love we shouldnt so i so sympathise with you hun xxxxx



Well yes in a way you were just been responsible by looking , we cant bury are heads in the sand when it comes to bills ...even though I wish we could

I no how you feel , what with this & Bedroom Tax etc its not helping anyone !

I dread the bills coming , I am in all day & even though this is a small house , with this weather I have had to have heating on most of the day , we have to keep warm

You could always phone them & see what they say , if its only a couple of quid a month , you can pay more , to help , offer that & stress you have no more

Also point out that soon you will not be using it as much as the Summer is coming (well we hope so ) so it should even out more

Do they read meter or estimate it , that can make a difference

I no its hard , try not to worry , you need to keep warm , & like I say when the warmer weather comes , it will hopefully balance out more

You are not on your own struggling , if that helps





Hey Linda, oh hun I do feel for you, it's awful people are struggling like this - and being warm in your own home is so basic!!! You could try this - no promises, and it might be worth getting the CAB to help, but the WILL sometimes pay off arrears, if that's the problem? Just worth a try, my love - they helped me once - fingers crossed!

Do hope they can help, lovey


Hugs ((((((((((((((((Lindalou))))))))))))))


Hi Linda how sad and its bad that people are struggling about putting on the heating in this cold weather to keep warm. I was listening to the radio the other evening and people who are having difficulty paying the fuel bills can pay pay off the debt. Hopefully the weather will warm up making worry less for all.

Big hugs take care

Seyi xxx


Linda strong think of a way I refuse to give up and to find a way for everything. At least I try try try. Research the internet in your area. There has to be help for someone in your place. Do you have children, or are you a senior. I find there are more help for people in these situations. When we had a shortage in fuel, I went out an got a kerosene heater. It was mush cheaper and it kept us warm in the winter.


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