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Health Anxiety back big-time!

I'm not really sure why as nothing has particularly changed but my health anxiety is really bad at the moment.

I felt good after my full eye exam and getting a clean bill of health but four weeks on I'm back to checking everything and almost searching for health things to worry about.

Even just having a shave I feel nervous as I check all my neck for lumps - madness!

Every time you think 'ah it's gone' back it comes again.

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Hi. Bramwell. I do not think it wise to go looking for a reason for how we suddenly feel. It could be anything. A change in the bodies functioning, hormones etc. or even a door slamming. The most important thing is to accept how you feel at the moment. The mind goes on what I call, a 'searching spree'. If we feel better then "IT" will come along and start problems by looking for them. We seem to feel uncomfortable out of our worry zone! Say, "Oh, so you're back are you, well, do your worst; I am going to ACCEPT that you are back for the moment and get on with what I am doing with "IT" there". Health anxiety is a form of introspection. We turn inward. We can look for diversions but we always have to come back and FACE the problem again. So try and FACE the fact that you are as you are and ACCEPT it for the moment. You WILL recover from this anxiety symptom but it takes time. If only we were not so impatient with time! Anticipation will bring "IT" back. Looking over your shoulder all the time makes it a certainty that "IT" will recur. ACCEPTANCE prevents this happening but, unfortunately, does not do so immediately. But it will work if you persevere. Good luck and best wishes. jonathan.


Many thanks for your helpful words Jonathan.

It's certainly an on-going battle!


No Bramwell, do not turn it into a 'battle'. Fighting a battle expends an awful lot of energy and that you have not got a lot of. I suggest just the opposite. Go with "IT" there; do not fight. The natural instinct is to fight and I suggest this will only cause more anxiety. This is difficult as I know only too well. I 'fought' against this whole idea of acceptance until I realised it was, at least for me, the only way, having tried most of the so called 'cures'. Best wishes. jonathan.


Hello Jonathan your right I've learnt fairly recently for an oldish un that fighting this is pointless your basically fighting yourself the more you fight the worse it gets just go with it I get some good days where I go out and some where I can't so I do something round the house I wouldn't say I've given up looking for a cure but I'm not getting into a bad state so much anymore and they don't last as long you can live with this but it's like a light going on when you feel good and going off when you feel bad I wish us all well on here and all the best to those who help with advice big thanks to you Jonathan Mel


Hello bramwell sorry the anxiety is bad at the moment there's so many symptoms with this problem panic disorder anxiety attacks but the one I like you have the most bother with is the health anxiety I've had so many blood tests this year all negative but why I feel awful most of the time I've no idea aches pains nausea the list is endless I've stopped going the drs every time I get a pain or whatever because its like a toothache that disappears as soon as you walk in the dentists and I feel such a fool I just live with it now I have to I get the feeling my docs about as sick of seeing me as I am of seeing him because I won't take anti depressants because I like the feeling when the anxiety goes away for a bit and leaves my mind clear and as regards lumps and bumps there not all what we think they are I hope you'll feel better soon and take the good times as a well earned treat for putting up with the bad best wishes. Mel


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