If it wasnt for bad luck i'de have no luck at all, oye

so computer error my insurance cancels, they still cant figure it out, mind you I pay out of pocket every month, my white blood cell count is still high but yet they cant find what is causing it, lyme had come back negative so now who knows. I have not been feeling right and sluggish for over a month but yet no one can seem to find out what is wrong, Lord help me. Thanks for letting me vent :)


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  • Aww poor baby , u can, and will get threw this, only the strongest survive threw all things, just remember nothing last forever . but yea they need to figure watz going on w u, so u can live comfortable .

  • so stressful, i dont even know where to turn anymore

  • What causes an increased white blood cell count?

  • Since white blood cells fight off infection, people tend to think that elevated levels are actually beneficial. ... A high white blood cell count isn't a specific disease, but it can indicate another problem, such as infection, stress, inflammation, trauma, allergy, or certain diseases and of course i think the worse cause i havent been feeling right

  • yes, I would do the same thing - thinking worst cases. Worst cases are unlikely, but I understand. This would probably be stressful for anyone, but much more so for people suffering from anxiety. The best thing is to try to get whatever tests are needed done as quickly as reasonably possible and get to a diagnosis and treatment in order to relieve your anxiety.

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