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Update on how've things have been

Well I had an interview for that potential job today and I got it, I'm really excited and nervous I'm gonna be working full time and my pay is $10 an hour , I'm working for a company called arizona pipeline and I'm a laborer I'm gonna be conducting traffic or digging up holes for the gas lines I'm pretty happy and stoked that I'm gonna be going into another chapter of my life and I'm also scared, everyone is really proud of me and i can't believe I have a job now, I start sometime next week they will give me a call and let me know when too start, its gonna be hard work I feel sluggish but I didn't go too sleep till 430am the previous night and I woke up a 630 and been up all day did the interview, drug test, I'm hoping i don't feel this way during work when I get home.

As of right now I'm wondering about my side again and why my body feels yucky and my face is hot like if there is something more wrong, but I don't wanna feel like this I just wanna work and be happy and move forward into this new chapter of my life. I just don't wanna let my illness get in the way of my possible future.

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Congratulations on the new job :)

Remember it's natural to feel nervous as you enter this new phase. Everybody does and feeling nervous does have physical symptoms.

Try to just let yourself observe how you feel and then direct your attention back to what you were doing. Try not to obsess or over think things.

Allow yourself to feel excited. Things are looking up :)


thank you so much , yeah I need to stop over thinking things and relax its hard when you already feel the symptoms :P


Hey Damien :)

That's great news, well done!!

This will do you some good, keep your mind focus on something else.

Now for your side. I've been suffering for 2/3 months with a pain in my side. I've been to my doctor and was told it is muscle tension. I was amazed that this pain was muscular!

Apparently, anxiety can do this.

Warm showers, yoga and stretching,painkillers was recommended to me:)

Might be worth you just going for a check up.

Have a good day hunni xx


My doctor told me mine could be due too muscle tension aswell its been hurting for about 7 months now :/ and sometimes I think my pain is giving me the symptoms and not my anxiety but I'm probably thinking too much into it, ill look into it I do take warm showers all the time it doesn't relieve it sometimes it does but the pain is still there.


Agree with previous comments. You will feel more tired physically and mentally but an important antidote is to make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep. You mention that you don't always get a good night's sleep so some help for this may be worth researching.


Yeah im gonna have too change my sleep habits when I start working next week so hopefully I feel better with the sleep.


Hi Damien.

Great news. I hope you enjoy it, don't worry we all feel a little apprehensive when starting a new job I am sure you will soon get into the swing of things.Well done.



Thank you kenny I really appreciate all the positivity!! :)


Oh fantastic, well done you clever thing. Don't overthink the job and how you'll be with your anxiety and pain when you've started, I believe that you'll settle in really well and I truly hope you can enjoy it. All the very best Damien. X


hi Damien, great news about your new job, am sure your body tension is due to your anxietys, am sure as you get into the cycle of work again your anxiety will diminish, ( your body might be more tired tho ) but am sure this will get you into a more normal sleep cycle, good luck in your new job, jasper x


Yes a new chapter in your life,let us hope it is a very good one,when working you don't have time to think about anxiety,and buy the sounds of you job you will be so tired sleep won't be a problem,enjoy,let us know how you get on .


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