Had A Turn last Night

Hi, I woke up with constriction in my throat and some pain at back of shoulder and like a pain in oesaphagus, some at the front. Spoke to 111 and then kept getting phone calls when all I wanted to down as sleep and then they said to come in to the local hospital but the last GP I spoke said it didn't sound cardiac related and I was relieved. I said I wondered if it was acid reflux and he did say it sounded more like that.

One of them asked about anxiety and I have been really stressed about heating problems/ unidentified leak in house but didn't think it wold manifest like that.


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  • Hi, Foggy

    I have also had pain in esophagus, and went to doctor and was told it was an infection in my gut and also I have acid reflux.. I was given antibiotics as well as a probiotic...its a 5-day course and I'm on my 4th day and the pain is gone as well as my other symptoms like bitter taste I have had for like years and the taste of metal in my mouth which I assumed was blood. Anyways, don't depend on my reply, just giving you some idea of what it could be. Seeing your gp is your best option, so get going please and the best of luck and health :)

  • Thanks Anxiouslady, my own GP completely booked up until week after next so seeing a different one next week. Luckily didn't experience it again last night, but had migraine :O but meds helping :) I didn;t get funny taste though have heard of others experiencing this. When your GP said infection of the gut, I wonder what causes this? Any ideas? Glad you're feeling better now anyway!

    Moggy x

  • I have had these symptoms so long that I have gotten kinda used to it at some point until it started really bothering me and making me extremely anxious...so I am not sure what brought on the infection but I felt its time I just had it sorted once and for all because my mind suddenly went to sepsis !

    I had a dizzy spell this morning past 4, this happened while I was looking down at my knee and stood up too fast. I immediately went to lie down and waited until it subsided and my skin felt cold and clammy and this brought on a slight but prolonged anxiety attack. Thought again I was busy dying, but then again everything I feel lately is about me dying...

    I really need to start feeling better and I have no clue on where to start, I did the breathing thing this morning and rather drank some cooked water and fell asleep not long after, took a while to get my body to relax.

    Glad your meds are going well, my last day of my meds and I am so happy about that...

    xXXx Lady

  • Best of luck, A Lady. Nothing worse than when you feel you're dying, and getting anxious about it just makes those feelings worse. Dizziness is horrid too. Hope you'll feel better soon.

    Moggy xx

  • Thank you, Moggy...

    I appreciate it and glad you're doing much better, hang in there :)


  • Thanks A Lady, you hang in there too :) xxx

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