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I know that anxiety affects our sleep schedule. I hate that. Anyone ever get this like spaced out feeling when waking up. I thought I got a good thing of sleep. I had pulled an all-nighter & then took a nap during the day , then went to sleep til maybe 3-4a. Went to sleep around 9-10p. Does anyone else get this spaced out feeling when waking up? How to you deal with it? I may have to practice other relaxation tips again. I know my sleep schedule is crap. I also get the vibe like I'm drunk almost :/ 🙊 Well, I'd like to discuss how you all have made better sleeping schedules for yourselves ..while dealing with anxiety , & for those who have a messed up sleep schedule like me ...maybe we could share advice or come up with solutions together :/😊😊


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  • Exactly how I woke up today!! I feel drunk I just can't accept I have health anxiety and keep thinking the worst possible thing :( x

  • Yep it's like I have this spaced out tipsy thing going on ..a bit foggy . Idek if I got a full nights sleep

  • No neither do I.. I must not have I feel like crap today :(! Anxiety is awful isn't it!

  • It's awful and no one understands unless they have it

  • I know it's so sad that people go through this! I'm dizzy today still although I don't think I'm dizzy I feel like I'm in a daze and can't snap out of it 😩 X

  • Aw I hope that it goes away :/. Luckily I haven't felt drunk. I was able to get enough sleep. I had pulled an all-nighter 2 nights ago for wrk . But anyways, I truly hope that goes away for you so you can enjoy your wkend. 🙊 I always try drinking a glass of water when I get up . Maybe that'll be useful .

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