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Do your eyes go funny to?

For a few weeks now my eyes have been doing some peculiar things :/

The only way i can explain it is that if i look at something quickly or i feel my most anxious, my eyes kind of flicker and it takes a second or so to focus normally again, as it makes me feel dizzy.

I had my eyes tested a couple of months ago, so i'm not sure whether i should go again.

Also i'm on no medication apart from my pill (which ive never had side effects from)

I'm really worried, but i don't know if this is another symptom to anxiety and if it is if anyone knows how to stop it??

Thanks guys.

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Hello,recently I have had to try harder to focus on things,reading,tv etc.My eyes are fine but obviously anxiety plays havoc with thoughts which in turn leads to doubts and sometimes imagined medical issues.Maybe its as simple as that!


I hope it is! It does happen when i am feeling my most anxious, its just horrible. Maybe i think about it happening more and more to which why is happens!

God the mind is so annoying sometimes lol


Hi, I have the same problem. For me it seems as though I can't actually see things even though I know I can, which sounds mad! When my eyes start playing tricks I also get dizzy. Like you I go and get my eyes tested because I think that I might need a new prescription or there is something wrong with my eyes but all tests are negative and last time I had my eyes tested I was told I had exceptionally good vision. I've never found a way to stop it happening because it usually happens when I am at my most anxious for example when I am travelling in the car (when I don't want to be in it) or I'm out shopping (again when I don't want to be there). It tends to stop happening when I feel less anxious. Hope that reassures you in some way, even if I don't know how to stop it, it might help to know that you're not the only one with peculiar eyes!


It's exactly the same as me, yeah i had my eyes tested and mine was all fine. My boyfriend has booked me in again just to make sure but other than that i really don't know what to do to stop it!

Maybe its just another one of those things we anxiety sufferers have to deal with.

Thankyou for your reply :)


Hi love yes i tend to go light headed a lot dizzy and my eyes go fuzzy its such an awful feeling love and i feel as if i am floating some days and my body tends to feel weak been like it most of today think its a bad day today hope you ok hun xxxx


Yeah im ok its just really worrying cos i don't know what it is, going to get my eyes tested again anyways just to be 100% sure but im probably just getting myself worked up :(


I have that when all the time literally right now, I'm going to get my eyes tested today i have booked in, it seems to have gotten worse since I started really worrying it's like I'm trying to focus on something and its there but feels like it isn't. I can read everything but it isn't comofortable. As I say I am going to the opticians today to try and rule out any serious problem. I don't wear any glasses right now. Does anyone else experience this and know what it is?

I noticed you Paw52


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