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Anxiety can it do this to my eyes

My eyes are getting realy bad I'm so scared I keep seeing realy bright blue dots and also realy bright white ones and sometimes a flash of white but that's usualy in the dark please help any advice and I have had an eye test he said my eyes are fine but there are floaters ther also my eyes are realy bad when I look out my window just dots every wer .....hope your all doing well !x

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Hi there, I too have similar problems, which worsen when anxious, not eaten or exposed to too much fluorescent lights, and night vision very poor.

My online research points to semi-permanent visual migraines. And something I am learning to manage. I take comfort in fact the physical eye and brain are indeed healthy, and that this is some sort of internal misfiring wiring!

Recommend you see your doctor, see what he/she thinks and recommends. Perhaps get mri/ct and rule out anything there.

In meantime, eat small, regular meals, take deep breaths and meditation & other relaxation techniques help.

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply and advice ...I had a ct scan a 2 month ago because I broke my cheek bone so that should rule out and thing in my brain right?...


Morning John,

I am no doctor, so would definitely recommend going to see yours, and getting all the tests done that you need until you get to the bottom of this in a satisfactory way for yourself.

But speaking for myself, your brain is probably a-okay, definitely try to take comfort in that.

For me it's an over sensitivity to light/sound/stimulants, and I've had it since I was little. I did some online research on persistant occular/visual migraines, and it's definitely a thing other people suffer from (I've almost constant visual snow, sometimes it looks like its raining in doors!). Unfortunately it's not much-researched. I'm going down the route of managing/maintaining it, and reminding myself my eyes and brain are actualy okay, I've just got a unique perspective.

But again, really think go talk to your doc, get referred to a specialist in relation to your symptoms, and get to know your unique condition for yourself.

And do keep me posted, if you're up to it. Support helps!


Thank you ye I've had an eye test by optision and he sed ther wer good.but he good see floaters also he but something in my eye to look more at my retina..but these dots and floaters are scary to say the least .


Hi I went to the doc he said my eyes are healthy so god noes what's makeing ,e see the dots and colours must just be in my head plus stress x


Hi John, have you talked to your doc about your anxiety around this matter? I recommend it.

And if you don't have faith in this doc it's okay to change to another.

It's great you're physically healthy, but you still have to find ways of coping and dealing with these other symptoms. I really recommend some mindfulness mediation, Jon Kabat Zinn is a great place to start... Lots of vids online. You can totally figure out ways to live with this, and have a full and healthy life. Don't despair

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Thank you I will try I'm Gina start back rugby when my cheek bone has healed see if that helps


I am okay, thank you. The problems persist, btu they don't alarm me like they used to. Sometimes they're relaly exhausting though!

Came across this, haven't used it myslef yet but thought it might help?


I dont think you should use these online sites where u can self diagnose or google symptoms, because anxiety can mimic alot of conditions and illnesses.speak to your gp and alot of it is in our heads as we send wrong signals to our brain which then in turn processes in the subconscious part of the brain&gets confused coz of the anxiety&then sends a diff host of things back through the eye,ie some of the weird visual symptoms you are experiencing,extra adrenaline&cortisol is released and floods our body causing heightened sensitivity to our senses!!eyes,ears,smell,taste alot of what we experience is normal in a way but a normal person without anxiety would not notice it,its cause we are chalked up with stress&anxiety that it makes everything out of whack,your not on your own&i got great satisfaction through cbt therapy,but im now on meds coz i couldnt pick myself up from my last episode only on a low dose though,hope ive helped in some way.


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