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Would anyone want to share their eye issues & how anxiety has affected them? Let's share on this post. I'm currently having eye issues , like eye strain , fatigue..etc,. I am frustrated because I'm only hoping it's anxiety & once I address the issue , it'll be better😊 . I'm seeing an opthomologist this week too. I always wondered the different ways anxiety could mess with the eyes & how ppl deal with it & relieve the issues. If you all have any tips , share 😊 Oh, & I'm further detail , it's weird being somewhat farsighted . Idk if anxiety did that or if I was going to have that issue period. I mean wouldn't I have known earlier as a kid..? That's the only frustrating part about this, all my eye issues came with anxiety.

It's like I'm afraid to calm down & still be me , it's like I'm stressing my eyes out more instead of letting them be , I overthink a bunch when it comes to this .. But I'll get more info & details...when I see an opthomologist .


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  • Oh, I have had anxiety for so many years and it definitely affects the eyes. My eyes burn, are very dry as well as blurred when I am stressed out. When waking up during the middle of the night or in the morning, I see little spots on the ceiling or wall, sometimes red that look like a spider or black. I blink my eyes and it disappears. Anxiety is forever playing with our minds. When I did go to the eye doctor, he told me I had dry eyes and to use an over the counter "natural tears". The most frustrating thing is the blurred vision when I go to a store. It is like I am seeing everything in a blurry vision. When I leave the store and go back home, my vision clears. (That's how nervous I am about leaving home). I think you are doing the right thing by getting an eye exam first. Try not to worry it only exaggerates the symptoms. Take care....

  • Very interested to hear about eye issues Have recently had eye operation for glaucoma pressure which has worked I then had to get up courage with help of Diaz to get to optician for eye tests for new glasses. They seem OK most of time but when anxiety is really bad I'm also getting blurry vision. Too afraid to go back to optician so I'm waiting for my next eye hospital app to ask consultant about it.mine is worse when I'm really tired and does go off so trying to convince myself it is the anx causing it.

  • Did you have symptoms of glaucoma pressure? I've had this odd pressure under my eye beside my nose and it's only on the right side and affects my vision.

  • Yep me too i wanna know if your all dizzy too because im dizzy everyday niw like every hour if i think to much if something distracts its disappears..

  • Do the drips for dry eyes help? Do you take meds for your anxiety?

  • Yes, I won't :)) thanks . I get irritated around the eyes & fatigued too sometimes .

  • Hi.. Ya anxiety affects d eyes. The same thing happened to me. Like I'm carrying some sort of load at the back of my eyes. Then I started having blurry vision. I've done all sorts of test and Nothing. Just d same old anxiety. I'm seriously tired of taking more test or any form of medication. I'm just on Nothing right now, and living my life with the anxiety issues, but try to not think too much of it. It's too much of a pain to say the least, but what else can I do?. Recently or should I say about 3 months ago I started experiencing metallic / ash taste in my mouth, it taste really bad, especially in the morning. I hate this feeling, but I'm just living my life. I hate going to the hospital right now coz I've been with various doctor back n forth, cardiologist, endocrinologist etc. The same old anxiety. Anyways more on ur eye issue; I'm currency putting on glasses (prescription) right now. I hope.. Now I know when this anxiety is done.. I'd have my eyes fully restored. Take care.

  • I too have been having serious eye problems...double vision ,strain, etc. I feel like my eyes are being extremely lazy. I hate it...

  • I had really bad issues with my eyes, numb sensation around my left eye and strange cramping sensations every so often which terrified me, but the numbness turned out to be eye strain. I had not needed glasses at all until this point, but now I have glasses that has stopped. Cramping sensation turned out to be high blood pressure. The veins in my eyes were knotted together and cramping because of the high blood pressure. Since being on tablets for it, the cramping sensation has gone. My optician actually pointed out that I had high blood pressure as she could see the veins knotted together when she tested my eyes

    Good luck :-)

  • Eye numbness around the eye? i have something similar but the eye dr hasn't mentioned eye strain. I wonder if that could be it.

  • Thanks 😊

  • What symptoms are you having with your eyes?

  • I get eye strain when stressed or around my phone for a while. Before I get some sleep , only sometimes I'd see little specks of multi-colored lights when I blink ..that's stress , but I wish I knew a way to relieve that

  • Oh I apologize , you were talking to wisa lol not me..

  • Have you ever had a retinopathy screening where they put drops in your eyes to fixate the pupils then photograph the backs of your eyes? I have them every six months as opposed to every twelve months because I am diabetic. It may be worthwhile asking your opthomologist if s/he can see any signs of diabetes.

  • Hi, I went to the opthomologist months ago & he checked for that. I'm going to him the week , idk , he may check again. I only get eye strain when I'm on my phone or laptop sometimes or when I'm anxious , my eyes get tired or irritated too ..ugh but I'll ask about that , when I see him ..I didn't have issues like that before , when he looked at them months ago. He did that exact testing

  • I have Vertical Heterophoria which is an eye issue. Look it up to learn more but it can make you dizzy or lightheaded and can cause all sorts of problems. You need a special eye exam. It sounds like a lot of people here have it. Look up the term and search for a doctor in Michigan and there is one on long Island NY who can help.

  • These are all the symptoms I had to deal with when my anxiety starting effecting my eyes. : Mildly blurred vision. Watery eyes. Eye pain and discomfort Light sensitivity. Eye floaters (spots that float across your eye).

    I tried exercise, waking to relieve my anxiety. I took some mindful classes and practice my breathing technique. It has helped.


  • Hi anxiety had a toll on my eyesight. i have been having anxiety issues which affected by whole body part by part. i have jelly legs to the point that i feel that i need to sit somewhere or they would give way. I use reading glasses and can see far but the moment this anxiety starts, my vision gets blurred to the point i cant see clearly the face of the person next to me. I feel like a rocking boat. no stability and afraid to walk as my vision issue takes away my confidence. usually i walk very fast and steady. i feel so terrible and useless during these times. i can resonate with your situation. I have started taking B complex and try to take ginger tea or ginger juice in warm water.This kind of help sometimes. Anxiety is a predator who knows how to work his way into you and bring you down. i say my prayers when i feel this way and do not give up. its my life and my body and its your mind that needs to put all this in control. i do fight with it alot or sometimes accept it saying that it will pass. anxiety has its peak after which it will come down. its a really serious testing period. Dont give up the fight. its you all about you.

  • went for routine eye test during which my blurry vision set where i could not read any of the letter. but at the end of the day my opthamathologist said that there is no problem with my eyesight expect age related vision decrease issue. so you see the problem will pass.

  • Hi there. I got to a point where I would see rapidly flashing strobe-like lights going off and on every time I blinked. It was most noticeable at night. At that time, my anxiety was at it's peak resulting in chest pain etc. I seriously thought I had some neurological and/or cardiac problem. Frightening times.

  • I'm having weird eye problems when I'm talking to someone or even just looking at something when I'm really anxious my eyes feel like they are going out of focus it literally feels like a camera lens how it goes in and out to focus it's awful

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