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Anxiety never seems to go away!

Well I had at least two good days where out of 100% of feeling totally fine I felt 70% so that's like Christmas Day to me. Now I'm starting to feel ill again. It comes & goes my symptoms this time around are horrible breast soreness, I get dizzy at times my eyes get blurry, feel sick to my stomach. I still can never shake the feeling that I have cancer. The way I feel is hard to explain the fatigue that experience isn't normal in my opinion. I may have to get some test done to ease my mind, cancer took my grandmothers life so it's definitely in my family genes so it's always in the back of my mind. I always feel like I'm going to die soon if I don't keep myself busy my mind will not shut off with them horrible thoughts & it's not a life for anyone to live. I've also been experiencing back & neck pains to and other aches & pains. I hope everyone is having a nicer day it's beautiful out finally & all I wanna do is sit in 😔

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I know the feeling! I have the same problem!


You're not going to die but I do believe going to the doctor will help to ease your mind and as for your symptoms it could be caused by anxiety just try to relax and ease your mind (:


Anxiety is a crazy thing. If you operate at an extremely high anxious level for too long you kick your brain into overdrive and you basically create anxious chemicals on an almost constant pattern. Once you get into this cycle it's hard to get out because even when you're not feeling anxious you're creating anxious chemicals which makes your body, and brain, act wonky. I went through this for over six months. I had to take medicine to get out of the pattern. Now, almost 5 weeks in, I can slowly start to feel myself come out of it and be able to relax.

I doubt you have cancer, most cancer diagnosis come after some really serious symptoms. Only a few bring no symptoms at all and come at a surprise. Everything you listed I have experienced and sound very common for anxiety sufferers.

Go to the Dr. and make sure you're ok. But, If you get a clean bill of health then trust that and enjoy life. If cancer runs in your family then maybe someday you'll get it, maybe you won't. But going through each day worrying about having cancer isn't really living, and takes away from the joy of life itself. Worrying about what may come is like carrying an umbrella around everyday because you're afraid it might rain.

I hope you find peace, and I hope you get a clean bill of health.



Mrworrymaster, great post. Like the analogy that worrying about what may come is like carrying an umbrella around everyday because you're afraid it might rain. Hope you have a stress free day...


Thank you everyone, I'm going to make an appointment to get checked so I can ease me mind. You are right living like this everyday isn't a way of living happy. It takes the joy out of everything. I hope everyone has a great day 😊


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