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awful night

So my first post.

I had a awful night sleep. I lay in bed and it feels like the room is spinning, every negitve thought I have had is rushes around my head. I cant seem to find any rest or switch these worrying thoughts out of my head. I started dating after 3 years when i came out of a hard relationship. Been just seeing how things go since last October,

She knuffing like me which I quite like and she said she like that. She not creative but very academic. Were both very busy but part from when were together if lucky a few hours every 3 weeks she will reply messages every now and then but never in away as she feels she cares much. I feel I need that sense that she cares. She probably does but I get in such a mess, I cant think positive about these things. But I lay in bed and I m she telling me in my mind she doesn't care etch, its horrible.

Course is couring me not sleep much. I m up intill 3 am most days, i m doing work and alot of the time is because i m so drawn into it and tiring me out.

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Sorry you are having a rough time

Just picking up on your thoughts about your OH , I no for me it takes along time to believe someone cares for me , I think when suffering we can have low self esteem & need alot of reasurance , bit have to be careful , we dont ruin relationships while looking for it

Like you said she is opposite to you , which you like about her , so remember that she knows she loves you & maybe doesnt see the need to keep telling you

You could let her no how you feel , but I am sure she does love you , she is with you ;-)

Start to love yourself , for who you are , its a hard one , but if we can makes it easier to accept others can love us to

I am sure you are a very loving person




Wow, thank you very much whywhy. thats good to here. I message her earilery about just being alittle bit more chaty, so of course thinking the reply will be a negative one. That was a nice comment thanks


Have you thought about counselling or seeing a physcotherapist (my spelling is rubbish ) I have been the way I am for years , there wasnt as much out there to help as now , I no for me its about changing my way of thinking , but I have had these thoughts for so long its not easy , but slowly wecan come to change , sometimes we need a little help though , it would be worth considering

But this site is great , you can come on , have a moan , rant , share how you feel , everyone understands , & that alone has worked loads for lots of members

Welcome by the way , just realised you have just joined



Hi Artsmithy

Have you told her how you feel? Speak to her and be honest. She may not realise that you are worrying about things. Honesty is the best policy. x


Hey thanks for the comment, I message her before I sign up on her. So just waiting on relpy, Thank you for your comment


No problems. Thats what everyone is on here for. To help and get advice. Good luck. x


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