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Feeling so awful today

Update, had my operation on Dec 31st and all went well and I am recovering very well from it.The downside is my anxiety and panic have really escalated and I am feeling so awful with physical symptoms bad head pressure at back of head and neck feel as if I could pass out,tinnitus has heightened and feel so spaced out and very very tired.I am conscious of my heartbeat in my neck very fast.Saw my GP on Monday who wants me to have blood test to check if I am anemic as I am very very pale and get breathless also to check for thyroid.Why when I get like this do the symptoms come back so much worse than before I am so focused on how I am feeling I am not interested in anything else feel so flat.I am always thinking I have something bad going on like stroke or brain tumour.

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Really pleased the op went well :-)

What you have to remember this was quiet a big op you had , back in the day they would keep you in Hospital to recover for I think it was up to 6 weeks now they let us out to do just that at home ( which is better ) but your body has been through quiet an upheaval and it is bound to have a few consequences like feeling anxious etc while it is getting over the shock and healing

I never said at the time you were having the op because we are all different and I did not want to scare you but the way I felt after the op and it was a good six months was quiet bad , I would have more pains appear all over my body out of no where , always at the Docs and they would say you need to recover but would I listen of course not , I would let my anxiety take over and believe something major was happening but it was not and didn't

I think testing to see if you are anemic is a good thing as sometimes after these kind of ops you can get a little anemic I did but a few iron tablets and soon solved

Allow yourself time to recover please , be kind to yourself , rest but at the same time keep yourself occupied , when you get these thoughts and feelings rather than thinking negative , which I know is what we do , think positive in a way by telling yourself I have just had a big op what do I expect , my body has had a shock and now it needs time to recover :-)

You will start to gradually feel better but for some it can take a while , push that anxiety to one side because sounds like it is trying to get in so it takes you longer

You have done so well be really kind to yourself it will come good again :-)

Thank you for letting us know how you got on :-)

Take Care x


Hello thank you for your reasurring reply yes I know I have to be patient in my recovery and not to do things I'm not supposed to do.My husband is so good but he can't quite understand that now the op is over I should be feeling relieved so why am I feeling like I do.Anxiety is a really horrid thing but hopefully it will get better in time but right now I feel awful so tense cold hands and feet and googling symptoms is a bad thing to do but at times I just can't help myself.


It is normal how you are feeling but please please don't go on Google , I used to do it all the time and good god it is a wonder I am still here when I had come of it believing the stuff it would tell me

I am not a patient person when it comes to illness or recovery I was really bad after my op and you know it took me twice as long to recover , I used to see women that had the op the same time as me and they would say they had never felt better and I would be there feeling half dead but the reason was they did as they should after the op , me I tried to run before I should have and I paid for it and looking back I wish I had done as I was told

Hubby won't understand , men are different from us anyway despite us having anxiety :-D just let him pamper you and pop on here when you need someone to understand where you are coming from

When you feel cold , do not see it as something wrong , get a blanket and snuggle up and remember your body is trying to recover :-) x

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Stay off google!! Listen to your dr! Let your body heal, it takes time. Surgery is hard on a body. Relax. Watch tv. STAY OFF THE COMPUTER!

I wasted 4 years of my life in Google health hell. DONT DO IT. It's all lies.


Just a quick update,after a really horrid day yesterday when I felt the need to go off to bed in the afternoon and not a very good nights sleep I feel a little better today felt hungry so ate breakfast and husband cooked a nice dinner which I ate and enjoyed.Heres hoping for a good nights sleep and better day tomorrow but I know it doesn't always follow.Blood tests in the morning.


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