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will i ever be normal?

i cant even begin to explain how this is effecting me. i have to say to my friends and family i'm ill just to get out of things most people would think is fun or exciting. i no longer go shopping everything is done online. i havent been to 'town' (shopping centre) in over a year. i hand sanitise my hands every 20 minutes and wash them propery every hour, this has caused my hands to be very dry and pain full. i lay wake thinking about EVERYTHING until maybe 3 in the moring and having to wake up at 6;45 makes me EXTRA tired yet i still dont sleep easily. one day i hope i'll be normal and be able to 'hang out' with my able to go into a public place with out feeling physically sick. will this ever happen? :( thank you

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LillyMartha - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to your doctor!!! I'm not one, but have been around the block to suspect you're suffering from a range of conditions, from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (the hand-washing) to agoraphobia/social anxiety - unable to go out shopping or socialise with friends. But there IS help out there, and your GP is the one to start you on that road - from medication to help with the anxiety/low mood/sleeplessness, to talking therapies to help with the other stuff. BUT - sorry, not being harsh - I do NOT think you can do this on your own - you need help! Please, please, please, see your doctor!


Hugs (((((((((((LillyMartha)))))))))))




oh my god, thank you so much! i have had about four doctors opp' booked but i've always cancelled them because i thought the doctor would think im being silly. yes, my family all think i have obsessive compulsivve disorder(OCD) but they always laugh about it and never really took it seriously..part of the reason why i didnt go to the doctor opp's. i dont think they realise how much it does effect me i think thats because i've never told them :( thank you SO SO SO much for your advise i should go to the doctors; i'll make an opp'

best wishes and many thanks!!!

Love Lilly xxxxxxx


Oh, thank God, Lily!!!! And washing your hands every hour isn't "silly" - any more than not being able to go to a shopping centre etc etc - it's "ill". I can ASSURE you no doctor will think you're being "silly" - its quite as real as any physical illness, and no-one laughs at them!

Do please post and let us know how you get on, my love. :)

big hugs

Rose xxxxxxxxx

Just a tip - before you go to the dr, make a list of your symptoms/things you can't do/can't stop doing - then, if you forget or "dry up" in the surgery, you can just hand it to him/her. It does help!


i'll definatly tell you how i get on! thanks you for all your adivse, now i'm starting to realise it's not that silly!


Lilly xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


:):):):) Good luck!!!! xxxxx


Aw bless you both! You are a saint Briar rose! and Lilly I hope you have made your appointment lovie xxxxxx


LOL! Thanks, Ellabella, but I'm no saint, just been round the block a few times! And yes, Lilly, hope you've made that appointment! :) xxx


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