Before and after sleeping.... 🌠

Hi guys.

Had this for ages now but I don't want to become so used to it that I put up with it forever....

When I'm in bed I have this feeling I'm not going to be able to sleep even before I've tried.

Just as I'm nearly dozing off my heart seems to speed up but it feels like my lungs slow right down and I can't breathe properly. Every single night for weeks and weeks I've had this.

Then because I've taken so much effort to finally doze off when I wake up early I feel like my heart is racing in a very anxious way because I've not had as much sleep as I should have so my day is then set up with me panic breathing as soon as I wake up!!!

It's very uncomfortable and not a good way to start the day. My heart races often when I'm tired it's such a horrible feeling.

On some occasions I swear I stop breathing when I try to sleep.

Does anyone else suffer with this religiously?? 🐦


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5 Replies

  • Do you do anything to help yourself, breathing exercises or relaxation techniques ?.

  • Lavender oil, sleep serenity, pillow mist and breathing exercises x

  • This was one of my first symptoms that my anxiety was out of control. Are you taking anything for anxiety?

  • Propranolol and diazpam when required x

  • You do and take all that and you still have major problems !. Maybe go see another doctor would be a good place to start.

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