Worried again

Been up and down all night, when I woke this morning I felt really drained and run down, feel all achey and keep getting pain in my arm (comes and goes) it's really worrying me and I can't seem to get it off my mind! My partner is going to work soon so it will just be me and our son at home and got to do school run later to pick our other children up. I've been doing so well with my anxiety lately and I just feel this is bringing me down, feel so worried about it all 😢


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  • Worrying about these common anxiety symptoms is entering into a self fulfilling spiral of worrying about worrying. Try and do mindfullness or some relaxation techniques

  • I feel you it's so discouraging web you have been feeling good and then it comes back. Try to tell it to eff off and you don't care so what about your arm type attitude, this has been helping me lately and saying I'm not afraid of my thoughts.

  • Hi I'm like in a morning feel so drained when I get up my arm aches in my arm pit start thinking all sorts I no its anxiety but I carnt convice myself

  • Thanks for your replies. I did try and forget about it and get on with my day, the pains still kept coming and going and so did the thoughts 😩

    I'm supposed to be going on a shopping trip tomorrow but I don't no if I can with how I've been feeling 😢 I really need to go, just can't get these thoughts/feelings to go away!

  • i suffer from the same....weird stabbing pains in my arm.....and i also try to find excuses for getting out of any outing...believe me its anxiety.....go for that shopping trip.....will do you a lot of good.....you will be fine

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