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Feeling a little better


Hey guys

Over the past three weeks I have felt so awful, I was panicky, hopeless and felt like I was stuck in the deepest darkest hole but over the past couple days I have started to feel better, I was able to return to work today and felt good the whole time, however I still feel anxiety about going to bed and the nighttime. The past couple weeks I would wake up panicked and feeling so sick, this put me in the hospital three times in a week due to my anxiety. All the tests came out normal and in the end it was purely the anxiety giving me physical symptoms. I take zofran before bed to help with the nausea from the bed medication but I still wake up panicked that I feel sick. I’m not sure if I’m just so scared of feeling how I did feel that I’m making myself think I feel sick or what. I try to read before bed and do deep breathing but I still feel extremely anxious about going to bed! Any tips y’all have I would greatly appreciate!

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Hi Livvyloo. I kind of remember myself a bit when reading your message. I had a few panic attacks in the past, the last one happened in the night, while sleeping. Woke up and got a full blown panic attack. After that, I felt anxious about going to bed/sleep. I was remembering my unfortunate panic episode.

That week was particularly hard, as my man was working in the night tim, so I was completely alone.

I started meditation (installed an App) and I listened to bedtime stories, I was watching my favourite movies before falling asleep, or my favourite book/documentary.

I was always telling myself that I am safe, anxiety comes and goes.. and it got better and better with this. Still not perfect though....

For me, the anxiety was overwhelming and I couldn't cope so easily, it was interfering with my job, so I started taking a very small dose of antidepressant.

Since then, I can say I feel much more better.

I go in bed , sleep like a baby, no more panic, no more stupid overthinking...

Livvyloo19 in reply to Boubis

Hi Boubis, thank you for the response! I usually don’t have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep but since those awful nights full of panic and being sick I am holding on to that fear. I would feel awful bc I would wake up my boyfriend and he would stay awake with me and take me to the Er but now he just tries to calm me down telling me there is nothing physically wrong with me it’s just me anxiety and it will fade away soon. I am on 10 mg of Prozac but it’s only been a few days and I know it takes a while for the medication to work so I will take your advice and watch my favorite movies and try mediation! Thank you again for your reply I really appreciate your kind words!

Boubis in reply to Livvyloo19

Dear Liv, the medication took a while until I felt better. Almost 4 Weeks. Your boyfriend is a hero, let him calm you down, always think you are healthy, loved and safe. Watch your movies, read your books and calmly drift into sleep. You will soon feel great.

I couldn't stay asleep at all. Maximum 2 hours and I would wake up. Anxiety was really strong.... like an anxiety attack in waves. That's why I started taking medication.

Sending some hugs!

Livvyloo19 in reply to Boubis

Yes he is a hero he helps a ton! That’s me I will sleep for a few hours and wake up feeling panicked and sick and it’s hard for me to calm down after feeling that way and it makes it hard to fall back asleep but it’s probably me just overthinking, I hate that! Thanks for the hugs 🤗

Hi I am sorry you feel so bad I had trouble taking a antidepressant medication it made me feel so sick so I had to stop I don't like medication anyway unless I'm desperate I was prescribed amytryptiline which doesn't make me feel sick 15 mg it is a muscle relaxant and mild antidepressant if used regular but I only take it if I'm desperate and really can't relax and sleep, it does give a good sleep and makes you very relaxed next day,I really recommend Paul mackenna instant calm c d I keep mentioning him on replies to other posts his voice is amazing just thinking about it makes me feel like nodding lol I must order one as mine is broke and the sleep teqhnique deep breath to count or 4 hold for 7 big puff breath out until you fall asleep practised regular it lower blood pressure I read, Paul has a sleep c d too which I need to try I bought it for my mam ages ago after my step dad died she doesn't need it now I'll have to look for it and let you know, I drink chamomile tea before bed that's very relaxing as I am a recovering binge drinker now 11days no alcohol I am sleeping better without it. Night night x

Livvyloo19 in reply to Curly1_

Thank you Curly1_! Thank you for your response! I was on Effexor for about three weeks and the doctors think that’s what was making me feel so ill and extra panicky I’ve stopped taking it and it’s been a week off and I feel loads better already, I hope the Prozac will work for me making the choice to get back on medication was a big decision and I just want the medication to help me not make me feel worse! I’m going to give this Prozac a good try and hopefully it will pay off for me! I’m going to take you up on the chamomile tea! And congrats on the 11 days no alcohol! Keep up the good work! We will make it together! Good luck!

Curly1_ in reply to Livvyloo19

Good morning thanks, I have found the nicest chamomile is from Morrisons in a pale blue box with a daisy on it Morrisons make, I first went onto chamomile whilst heeling my stomache, I looked up heeling foods it is a heeler and relaxant it helps my stomach also when I'm stressed it goes in a kind of knot, the night my dad died my mam rang me I was in bed I got up and had a double tea bag lol in a mug it really helped me get back to sleep, I also turn to it now instead of a glass of wine, i feel less moody and more optimistic also without it. My friends husband is on antidepressants now back at work they really help him, he felt sick at first but it passed, let me know how you get on with the chamomile I wasn't too keen at first but I hadn't discovered the daisy box one, I ended up liking the other brands too take care x😁

Glad you're feeling a little better🙂

Thank you 💜

It isn’t easy is it? I struggle with this everyday. Give the medication time to work. Meditation helps. Walking/exercise helps. I sure hope you get to feeling better. I am so sorry you are going through this.

Thank you for your response! Hopefully the Prozac will do me some good!

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