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Having a bad turn

Hello everyone

Recantly past week i had slept through the night had no shaking attacks and felt at ease. However snice saturday feels like ive gone back two steps :(! Started with nightmares and over worrying about money, boyfriend and family, even though nothing was wrong or it was all peacefull. And tonight i got a awful feeling on lump in my throate, my

Chest has had a couple of shooting pain, and had a awful feeling like my ears are closing up :/! However i had terrible hip pain is it all linked, or just the anixtey is back! I just feel down at the fact i was doing so well! :( just getting annyoed at myself that i over worry to much! :( i feel like something bad going to happen just because how well realtionship are going, and work, if anyone has advice ill be greatful as i feel all closed up :(!

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Hello i get that lump in my throat and shooting pains plus other stuff. I hate the sets back sbut they become less and less. Dont be annoyed at urself as the set backs are always with us on the road to recovery. We will all one day be anxiety free xxx


It sounds like the anxiety to me Amziox.

I hate the fact that I worry much too. Funny enough I have been feeling really good the last couple of weeks until my car got clamped yesterday. The stress of this has brought my anxiety right back, and I am sitting here overly worrying about my car being removed because I dont have the money to pay the fines owing. I have that same sense that something terrible is going to happen, but I understand now that the feeling is just my anxiety which gives me a bit of comfort but still doesnt stop my worry. I am just trying to say to myself I have to take one step at a time. I suppose we both have to learn to not be too hard on ourselves and be thankful that at least we are getting good days which does mean signs of improvement. I hope you can fall asleep tonight and that tomorrow brings you a good day :)

All the best




Thankyou for your kind words and advice. Hope you got your car sorted!

Take care

Amy :)


I have the closed feeling in the ears and gusess its all connected I also often have a nausea faint sort of feeling. I'm sorry you are suffering, hang on you are not alone from helen


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