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Having a very bad day...

Oh my God what is happening today I can't stop shaking my nerves are jumping out of my skin It has to be my bloody pills I just have never had a day like this I cant drive its so bad. If I have to live a life on these pills its just not going to work. I thought they were supposed to help me with my problems not create more I may have to go down to the hospital again why do I have to go through this hell everyday damn this anxiety I hate who I am now I am so angry....

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Hi Steve.

Sorry to hear your having a bad day. Have you changed any of your medication that would explain the symptoms.Maybe you could ring the hospital and ask for advice.I really hope you are able to calm down and start to feel better.

Take care Kenny


Hi Steve

Sorry you are feeling so bad.

As Kenny said maybe you could contact the hospital and talk through your concerns.

Hugs xxx


Hi Steve,

I'm sorry you're feeling so ill today.

I know it's hard but try not to fight it. Focus on your breathing. Focus on your surroundings. Try to observe what your body is doing without interacting with it. I know it's hard but any distance you can gain from your symptoms is a bonus and will help.

When you feel a little calmer ring the hospital and enquire whether an increase in anxiety is normal with these meds. If you can't calm please go to the hospital and get some support.

Hope you feel better soon.




Had to happen on a weekend when my GP is off Have tried to calm down but I am in a crying jag now I miss my cat so much she was my last little bit of love in my life right now and shes out in the wild trying to look after herself when I think of her out there I want to die this pain is too much for me today nothing is working to help my stress or whatever this is that has happened today Its something new and I can't control it...


So don't control it love, let it come and peak and know that it will fade again.

It's natural to grieve for your cat. As you say she was yr last link and in part she is the focus for all that you've lost and had to deal with in recent months.

Please don't feel alone with this though. We may be half the world away but we're holding you close in our thoughts.xxx


I can only echo whats been said above. You are never alone here. My thoughts are with you and I hope this horrible pain eases, take care xxx


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