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Having a really bad time

Still having cramp in my legs and feet. Also I am sure my rt leg is weaker. Think I have got motor neuron disease. Why won't the doctors believe me . Of course I've been on google but my symptoms seem to match what they say. Not seeing the doc till next week. I don't think I can wait that long. Any ideas

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I dont google now , If I do i match so many things , but i no I havnt got them

Having said that if you really think you do have this problem , can you not go back before next week ?

My legs , have been really hurting , but I think this heat , isnt helping

Sorry this is short & not much advise , but you no someone got to read your post

Hope your day gets better





I have already had an appt 7 times with the same neurologist he says its just myalgia is I know I should believe him but I cant


I no I understand , I get Fibro & I have pain today which I do think its this heat

I am having to try really hard to keep my mind focused on the thought I have had this many times before & if it was anything else it wouldnt be going on as long as this , its hard I no , but true

You are under good care , & remember they would be struck of , if they were not doing it right

Maybe this heat isnt helping either



Hi Millbrook.

I know exactly where you are coming from,I to used to Google for symptoms and like WhyWhy I gave up because even if I didn't have the symptoms I would mentally develop them and cause myself more stress and anxiety.Thankfully I no longer do it , but if your cramps do continue go back and see your GP.

Good luck Kenny-w


I used to do the same with Google and constantly gave myself panic attacks. I have enough on giving myself panics without google so with a lot of effort I try not to look! I know this is not any advice for you, sorry.

Take care xxx


Just thought are you taking citralopram? This caused me to have really bad restless legs, my sister is on it to and gets the same. I hope that helps? Xxxx


Rang anxiety uk and I think I will have CBT also going to see a chiropractor this evening thanks everyone for your support. I hate being like this. I just can't believe HA can cause all thes problems


Well done

This sounds positive

I no but HA is like this , I have suffered years , even though i am a lot better than I was , so there is hope

Let us no how you go on

Good luck



Im waiting for my cbt, im following it through this time, need to


Well done xx


My legs felt weak last week, today it's something else.

That's health anxiety for you - always keeps you guessing!

Certainly the extreme heat isn't helping either.


Yes that's my weakness keep googling every symptom and have every thing it says somI have got stop it and not do it the internment can b dangerous especially if you are a worried person or low with anxiety and depression so keep coming on hereI does help to know you are not alone Take Care Xx


Thanks for the support. Do try to stop googling but it can be a bit addictive


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