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I have been having abit of anxiety and dression now for the last few wks, and today im having a down day for no reason watsoeva. It feels as if all my anxiety is all creeping back, and thats all i can think about at the moment. I dont want to go backwards to the way i was this time last year i want to keep going forwards. I really hate anxiety and im feeling sorry for myself now, that anxiety cycle weve all fell in feels like im falling back into it. I know i gotta pull myself back together. I spent saturday evening lieing on my settee talking to myself and u lot in my head. We was all in the garden and all chilling on the swing. We was all happy and no anxiety/depression, happy happy happy. It did help me thou tbf. It may be because its that time of the month so ive feel worser then i normally wud. My health anxiety as got bad ova the last few wks. This is a woman that as neva worried about an headache, wud just take a pill, neva worried about anything. Ive always been so laid back and just took things as they came. I wanna be that woman again so bad! The one that loved doing things like taking kids out places, having a girly nite once in a while. Where as that part of me gone? As u can tell im so full of feeling sorry for myself today, and i dont like feeling sorry for myself. Oooo i want my positiveness back xxx


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  • Hi me love do you know i think we are all having a rough time of it at mo i have just said same to whywhy who also is not to good at the mo and i also said i dont want to going back to how i was at xmas dread that and sat i spent most of my day in bed love as fri night i had another panic and was sat up at 3 in the morning and also i worked out that i have started to feel worse near that time of month as well said to my friend mine seems to get worse about a week before though we do have to put up with some shit in life dont we hun but i know hun you can get past this just like me and we are all here for each other so chin up love we all in it together treat yourself to something nice that will cheer you up big hug xxxxxxxx

  • i think all us ladies have worse anxiety at that time of the month, somethimes i feel like im totally going mental. no disrespect to the men but our bodies go through more crap so dont worry about feeling sorry for yourself, we all do it at some point in life anxious or not. i always feel like ive taken a huge step backwards when im due on, those bloody periods!!!!!! but find peace of mind in knowing all us girls are burdened with that extra anxiety. im due on soon and can feel it creeping up.x

  • Thanks ladies im so glad we can all let it all out on here and we all know what we am talking about. Yea ive noticed abit of a pattern at that time or going back a wk before. Ive had alot of stress this mth if its not my own it been other peoples stresses me out. Xxx

  • Yep, I agree totally, time of the month magnifies everything for me. I am an emotional wreck, I started writing my feeling down and noticed a pattern. It kinda helps me because I know it is out of my control and it's my hormones driving me mad. I take a herbal remedy by Jan de Vries, Female Essence, it helps a bit. If I am like this at 40, can't wait for the fun and games of the menopause !!!! Lol :) x

  • I know you have had some stressful times from reading your blogs love but you have enough of your own worries love and dont need to be taking anyone elses stresses and worries on this is making your anxiety worse and being tired wont help you try to concentrate on getting yourself better hun not other people hun hope you feel better soon xxx x xxxxx

  • Thanx sheffield xxx

  • Stay strong don't let it pull you down and remember don't fight with anxiety just let them be there then they will do! Sending you big hug xx

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