there is help immediately|

for those wha have bothering anxiety or panic attacks, there should be help called cognitive behavior, it talks about how to control these ugly happenings. if that does not work go to your gp and tell him or her how you feel ans ask to see a psychiatrist. in the mean time ask the gp for anxiety pills until you see a psychiatrist. these pills will make you feel normal again in 30 minutes,so dont sit around and do nothing, get the help you need and deserve. from canadian whos been there.


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  • your quite right there, there is help out there but it isnt always as easy as that. ive been on a waiting list for cbt for over a year now. also all the tablets ive tried have never personally worked for me in 30 mins, what ones are you on? id love the name if there that good. x

  • hi sam. i know its not easy but there are quick cures for anx. and panic attacks. i had them for alot of years .one day i went to my gp who wanted to see me every 2 weeks. i didnt know what was wrong with me i lost my 6 year job, thought i was going to die or embarrass myself, i gasped for air, and would panic so i would run somewhere. my gp wasnt there so i was seen by his replacement, we talked and then took my blood pressure, he said that i seem like a nervous person,i said ya. he said he was going to give me a presciption to calm me down. i got the pills but was scared to take them, i finally took 1 it was only .5mg it was called ativan, i swear sam within 30 min i was so relaxed no fast heart, no anxiety, no panic| i could finally go out to a mall , play with my son, i was cured. i was to take 3 a day. life was soooooooooo good. when my real gp was there he changed them to clonazapam, he said its stronger and lasts longer than ativan, ive been on a low dose for 10 years and no anxiety, fear, panic etc. other good ones that people take are xanax, lorazapam, some gps give a depression pill which can help a little but an anxiety pill is the one you need. i have tons of stories what i went through until i met this gp who for 1 day took the place of my normal gp. i thank the Lord for helping me. good luck and dont give up Sam there is indeed immediate relief. thanks for your question and i know one day you will be the one writing the same as i just did.

  • thanks im going to write down those drugs and ask my docter about them when i next go. im on prozac for depression but it does nothing for the anxiety. x

  • Sam, CBT is available through Anxiety UK. You do have to pay but it's based on your income. it can be arranged within about 2 weeks.

  • i did alittle cbt through this site but i could not get out to his office alone and had no one to take me that distance. had two lessons over the phone but it was just not the same and we kept getting cut off. i have had a call though to let me know my turn for cbt has finerlly came and it starts on my birthday march 25th. x

  • I am new to this site and suffer from migraines and anxiety. i have been on numerous depressants for years but with no success. The latest I was prescribed was nortriptyline for the pain and anxiety in Nov. These made me far worse and every time I went to the doc he kept upping the dose! Over the past couple of months I reduced down to the lowest dose and stopped four days ago. I finally feel alive and do not want to go back on tablets. The only relaxant I was given was diazepam and they are highly addictive so do not take them. I have had to plead with the doctor to refer me for CBT and now will have to wait. Is there anything that you could recommend I could do in the meantime and tell me where I could access CBT through this site in the meantime. This would be very much appreciated . Thank you x

  • hi kath. please ensure since you are cutting down you dont go into withdrawals. o your computer u type in cognitive behavior therapy and it will shou lots of places for cbt. cbt is NOT a cure for anxiety, it does tho help you manage it. if the valium your on help you i would take 1 when your feeling anxious so you have relaxation. all drugs are addictive, and for you to quit your doctor will slowly cut the dosage back. mine are addictive but i will be damned if im going to cut back and suffer with fear and terrorizing. but my anx. and panic were severe so i will be on an anxiety the rest of my life. cbt did not help me but i sure hope straight from my heart that it helps you. if not you know the alternative diazapam and valium are the same drug, its just 1 is a generic. wayne

  • Kathleen, google Anxiety Uk and you will get their website. it will have details there on cbt etc. They do lots of leaflets etc, also counselling is available.

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