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Just wondered if people with health anxiety experience daily symptoms or do they come and go? for the last two months I have daily dizziness sickness etc etc sometimes I have a couple of hours symptom free then as soon as I start thinking I'm feeling ok today it all comes back with avengance I suppose it's just focusing on how you feel starts it all off again sometimes I can hardly stand up with the lightheadedness. maybe I will ask the doc if there is any anti dizzy pills


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  • HI Miami x I think with my ha, I do experience daily symptoms, its just that some days I take more notice of them than others x I have always been lucky in some ways and never experienced the sickness type of ha so you have my sympathy here x Hope you have a better day tomorrow xx Donver

  • Hi Miami,

    I think it all depends on the individual person & what the level of stress is before experiencing anxiety, as I have personally suffered with anxiety health problems for about 4 & a half years but as it seems to come & go depend on what I may be feeling in terms of anger or fatigue I'm not taking any form of medication.


  • Its strange because I don't feel stressed at all. The only stress in my life is from the anxiety.

  • Im the same but iv just realized its anxiety, I also get dizziness nausea headaches and generally feel like crap. I have noticed that it gets worse with I think to much about any situation even the thought of picking my children up from school. But like you I don't feel stressed the only stress I get is when I feel theae symptoms. I have trying not to think in the future and focus more on the present. Iv also started vitamins and eating healthy which atm hasn't worked but its only day 2. Do you feel pressure in your head like its being squeezed?

  • Hi get a lot of headaches behind my eyes and sometimes the back of my head and yes get the tight band feeling also get very red watery tied eyes.

  • I would like a MRI scan really but the doctors never seem to want to let you have one.

  • Have you had any tests done MRI Etc?

  • Hi there:)

    Have you tried mindfulness?

    A few of us on here do this. There is a website called "headspace"

    Give it a go, it may just help. X

  • Hi Thank you will do x

  • I suffer symptoms every single day of someone already said it's more a case of sometimes I can forget them more than other days.

    I get heart palpitations..tight chest..sick feeling in the back of my throat...pains in my head...the list goes on xx

  • Hi. Do you take any medication? Never wanted so start taking anything but finding it really hard to cope now so maybe its the time x

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