Whats the difference between 40mg propanolol and Half-Inderal LA 80mg capsules??

Hello everyone! Okay so i was on 40mg proponalol but got taken off as dr thought it was easier if i was on half-inderal LA 80mg capsules.. but ive been putting them off for a month ive been really bad for the past 2 days.. ive got it to the top of my tounge .. had a drink next to me to take it down but my whole body freezes in fear.. I just want to know whats the difference? Im really scared about the side effects, but people say their both the same so if i didnt have side effects on propanolol would i have side effects on these capsules? and are they stronger? as they slow your heart rate down, blood preassure and i dont want them to be strong as i have a fear of fainting :( I wish i had the courage to take them as i want to go out ive been housebound for a month.. im just sick of being in my bedroom looking at the same 4 walls all the time waiting for my next panic attack/anxiety attack to come along. I phoned primecare last night to ask about them and he reassured me, i was all up for taking them but then got to scared.. please someone help?? :(


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  • Inderal is a brand name of propranalol. But-the inderal is prolonged release, or long acting, ie released throughout the day. Not sure if that helps, but please if you have any concerns just ring your gp and ask them. Please try and trust your gp is acting in your best interests, it appears he has given you the inderal as he thinks it will work better for you.

  • Yeah but if it was still the same as propanolol i thought it would say proponalol 80mg capsules haha.. i have a drs appointment in a few hours and il have a chat with him :) Thank you for your reply, i was freaking out earlier lol xx

  • Hi Jade, Inderal is the brand name, I think propranalol is the generic name. Much as a lot of cough medicines might have the same ingredients but different manufacturers will sell them under different names. Just discuss it with your gp and Im sure he will put your mind at rest.

  • Hi kaz, thank u i asked my dr and he explaned things to me :) x

  • Hi Jade

    Can you let me know how you got on with these pills as my doc has just gave me some and I freeze with fear too at the thought of taking them, keep looking at the pack but don't get any further..I want to start going out for walks on my own for my health but its so hard

  • hi Jade, pleased to hear he explained everything to you, and I hope you are taking them now ! Lots of people don't want to take meds, everyone wants to think they are strong etc, but sometimes meds are needed, even if in the short time.

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