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So starting sertraline today...nervous...any advice?



I spoke to my doctor today because my anxiety is still here, it is not as bad as it was, but after trying CBT and hypnosis and everything I can I just have this constant feeling of anxiety combined with feeling fed up and like I don't have any get up and go anymore.

I didn't really want to go back on antidepressants but felt like after trying 2 at least the third one might actually work for me. i came off the last ones last year. so i know the side effects are going to be bad ?

has has anyone just started sertraline or been on them a while? what should i be expecting over next few days. im so upset, ive just taken one and already nervous to think about what might happen over the next few weeks.

also ive taken it at 7pm to see how it effects my sleep, if it does badly, i may switch it around and take the next dose thursday morning

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It can take up to 6 weeks for full effect. Don’t give up on it. I too had to switch my med from night to day but after that it’s been a life saver.

Andrew, let us know daily, or IM me, since my doc put me on it 2 weeks ago and I have yet to start it. Thanks

I started for the first time ever five days ago. 25mg. I've been reading everywhere that everyone is different and it can take different amounts of times for it to function for everybody, like Autumnsa said. The biggest thing is to give it time is what I've read.

I take mine around 11pm and go immediately to bed currently. Last night was the first night I had any overnight symptoms with it, which were vivid dreams...which weren't necessarily a bad thing.

Use the search function on this site and search sertraline. There are a bunch of really informative threads that will give you great information about what to expect.

Hi there, I started Sertraline not long ago, started off with 25mg and after a week bumped it up to my prescribed amount which is 50mg. I had some nausea and headaches for the first 3 or so days but after that it was great.

I’m still on them now and no longer get anxiety attacks or uncontrollable/unnecessary thoughts. I feel back to how I was before!

I know everyone is different but in my opinion they are definitely worth giving a try :)



Thanks for all your comments. Well this morning I woke up feeling so sick and just weird. I decided to call in sick to work as no way I can go in feeling like this.

I wouldn't call it the worst feeling in the world but it feel bad. I know this will go away soon.

I didn't sleep too easily either so I think I'm going to take it tomorrow morning rather than tonight. I'd rather get the time right now rather than months down the line.

I'm remaining hopefully but I'm just upset because I hate side effects.


I have been taking Sertraline for over 4 years after suffering a breakdown and anxiety. I can say this now is a brilliant drug for me and keeps my anxiety very much under control and I can be very rational about things however but the first few weeks are tough. The first 2 weeks of treatment I felt worse and this included, panic attacks, nausea, insomnia , and feeling very low. This is part of the condition itself as it is so difficult to be rational about our thoughts and although It was awful, now I can say the drug is brilliant for anxiety vs just depression. I spoke to my GP a lot for the first 4 weeks as further depression can be a side effect and so keep close to your doctor who will support you. My advice for the first 4 weeks is to listen to your body, if you are exhausted, rest regardless of when, eat small amounts when you can. I also loved to be out in fresh air so sat outside for a lot of the day . About 4-6 weeks in, I got more energy and also felt like personality was coming back a little and apart from the occasional blip here and there, I feel 100 times better and back in some sort of control

Good luck and honestly it will get better


Took one tablet and never again. So good luck.

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