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Scared about the meds, Do they make a difference??

Had a panic attack this morning, Never had one as big as this one, half an hour later and i was about on an even keel again, went to the doctors this morning and they said maybe i should try meds. I've got them all ready to go, thought i would take them at night as one of the side effects is a sicky feeling. I'm scared to take them though. Feels like i've failed.... Does the medication really make a difference??

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Hi I take sertraline for panic and yes they do make u feel sick but it goes

Away when you get used to them, please don't be afraid of taking meds

I was like you once but I am glad my doctor persuaded me to take them.

You still have to help yourself and the meds give you a bit more confidence.

Hope this helps.


Hello... Yes they do make a difference but not at first, i take citalopram started with 10mg then 20mg it can take a few weeks for them to get into your system but they do work.. good luck x


Hi, I was recently in the same boat as you. I have been taking Escitalopram for the past 3 weeks or so. It took me a while after my doctor suggested them for me to start taking them. Part of me, like you, was scared at the thought taking medication due to the possible side effects (mainly feeling sick). When you read the leaflet that comes with the medication the side effects always look worrying. My doctor assured me that it is never as bad as they make out and they have to say those things to protect themselves legally. Even if you look at paracetamol the possible side effects sound awful. If it was really that bad people would never take them !

The fear of doing something is always worse then actually doing it which is anxiety all over.

In the end I asked myself "what would I do or give to feel even a little better?" And I found myself saying "anything". So I decided to give the medication a go. I have felt a little unwell but nothing extreme.. I guess everyone reacts differently but I feel it's got to be worth a go and in the long term with have its benefits.

I also felt that taking the medication will be as if I have failed or that it would mean me acknowledging in some way that I can't cope. It took me a while but I realised that it takes a strong person to face your problems, accept them and to do something about it. I know medication is not the miracle cure we are all after, but for me it was a positive step forward.


Yes they do. I've had side-effects as well but the sickness usually goes away after a few days.

It has really helped me - I feel so much more confident now. Remember that they are there to help you. As long as you don't see them as a permanent solution you should be ok.


Hi, omg i was in the same state as you until 2 months ago when i started taking fluoxetine (prozac). I was so scared to start taking meds (again) because i knew the side effects were very bad having been on them before. The side effects were something ive had to get used to over the weeks, and its only now im starting to feel slightly better. The panic and anxiety have gone, thank god, i was really bad with the anxiety, it stopped me from eating, i was borderline anorexic losing loads of weight and just looking really ill that i finally had enough and went to get the meds i needed, which will be life long now because no matter how many times i went to see a cbt counsellor, the panic and anxiety would always be there and it never helped talking about it. Im 80 percent better, its still a long road to be 100 percent.

I take my meds of a night just after my tea, when emmerdale is on lol. The sickly feeling you mentioned isnt too bad, just force yourself to eat a piece of toast to get rid of it, and try and keep yourself busy to counteract the increase in anxiety when the meds start to kick in, dont worry about it, it goes away. People react differently when taking meds, im just telling you how i felt on mine. Hope this has helped a bit, if you need anymore info or just a chat, keep in touch.


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