lump in throat

Does anyone ever get a lump feeling in one side of throat? I am struggling to eat cos it feels like I can't swallow properly. Is it all anxiety related? I can only manage to eat soup and I'm losing weight because of it. I feel if I eat anything hard it gets stuck in my throat. I keep convincing myself something is really wrong and I'm away at the minute on holiday so it's worrying me even more


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  • When my anxiety was at its worst I had that exact same symptom, I couldn't eat properly etc, I finally got my throat examined by my doctor, he told me that my throat was just aggravated by acid from my stomach, he prescribed gaviscon medicine to help soothe the unpleasant symptom, I soon became much better and recovered well, checking out your symptom with your doctor may be a good idea too? then you can concentrate on building up your diet to normal foods again etc, I know it's not easy, but please try not to worry, anxiety can throw up all kinds of strange and unpleasant symptoms :-) xxx

  • Did u feel like u couldn't swallow properly? I feel like I can't taste food properly either and if I eat warm food it feels hot in my throat. Not nice at all xxx

  • Yes , it's called globus syndrome . Caused my anxiety and stress .

  • Also today it started feeling like a hairball or something as it is irritating me that much where I can't stop thinking about it and I seem to be trying to swallow my saliva more just to see if the lump feeling has gone so not sure if it's making me anxious nd that's what's making it worse.

  • I have this trouble swallowing, lump feeling, sore annoying feeling when eating. Mine is all reflux with anxiety, i take omeperzole for reflux which helps. Warm food feeling hot when swallowing is cos your throat is sore from the acid reflux.

  • I have got some lansoprazole which is similiar to your tablets. I'm not getting pain in my chest or anything tho but I did read online that ya can get acid reflux without having actual heartburn so maybes I should try them now

  • Lansoprazole tablets are great in treating this problem, I've been on them for a long time, really have helped xxx

  • Hello!!! 32 years ago when I first started having anxiety but didn't know what it was or that it even existed, that was my first problem, having that lump. Back then anxiety was never talked about, it was just called nerves. Even today it's what bugs me the most, the choking sensation even tho physically I'm really not, and the more I worry about it the worse it gets. I would go get it checked out, just have a doctor look at your throat. Then you can tell yourself it's "Just anxiety" and it can't hurt your body, you won't choke if you eat and that will help with the sensation and you will be able to eat. Start with soft food such as cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, mashed banana, apple sauce, etc... I ate a lot of instant mashed potatoes with the pack of dry gravy mix made with water to start with. It's a comfort food for me anyway bc I kept bad tonsils ( spelled wrong ) as a kid and that's what my Mama would fix me to eat. If you have a soft comfort food that brings back good memories that are calming and make you feel safe, start with that. I still get the lump in my throat and have it as I'm typing, it's what I hate and dread the most so it's always coming and going and there is no learning to deal with it or ignoring it for me.

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