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Bloody lump in throat


Ok what I want to know is how the hell do I stop this feeling . Yes I have tried to ignore etc etc etc but it’s there and bloody pissing me off 😤😤

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Don't ignore it, accept it. If you ignore it then you can't accept it (for the time being), because you're pretending it's not there.

If you can accept it for what it is, an irritating but harmless hiccup in your nervous system, then eventually you stop stressing and even fearing it.

That is the stage at which your nerves become calm and the globus hystericus 'dies' of neglect. It can no longer piss you off.

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Thanx just so so annoying

Oh man I remember having this feeling a while back and I literally thought I had thyroid cancer or something 🙄 it was sooooo annoying but I ended up ignoring it and living with it! It went away in a few days it’s massive anxiety that causes that! It’s ridiculous

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It is a joke , so annoying and what ever I do it just keeps coming back 😩

I had that feeling this morning when I first woke up. Good old globus absolutely sucks. Like Jeff said, you just have to accept it for what it is (muscles tightening in the throat from anxiety and feeling as though there's a blockage there). It will go away. I ate some toast and cheese to prove to myself there was no actual blockage of any sort and then I actually went back to sleep and when i woke up, it was gone.

Please, read Claire Weekes Hope and Help for Your Nerves. It's so helpful. Here's a direct link to buy it:

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Thanx . Yer after I eat something it’s ok for a while then comes back . I have down loaded Claire weeks and have started reading it .😁

I know what ya mean! And yes it's really annoying. I've had that & the back of throat feel like really dry. Thought I had some type of oral cancer. Anxiety does strange stuff & is rediculous. I've just recently bought a Claire Weekes book & I'm trying 2 make time 2 read. I've just got to the floating part & it makes so much sense & actually ended up having 2 use that 2day on what should have been a simple boat ride & some fishing. I do wish I had the audible download instead but I can't seem to find them. Hope yours will ease soon. 😊

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I’m only up to the churning in the stomach part . Getting the time to read is the thing .

I’m constantly swallowing , drives me in sane .

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