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Lump in throat

Hey everyone!!!!

I've been getting on top of my anxiety for a few months now but I can't get rid of this lump feeling in my throats and feeling sick!

I can't switch off from it... I'll have an hour or so when it's not there but it's definitely there more than it's not! Such a horrible feeling!

I suffer with health anxiety so can't help but think I've still got something g wrong with me?? My doctor said months ago it's jus globus or what eva it's called ... but why won't it jus go!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone feelin ok as I haven't checked in for a while 😍

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Globus is caused by anxiety affecting your throat muscles. It probably wont settle until your anxiety settles

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I know but I honestly thought my anexity had settled ... I've felt great?!! Xxx


But you say you think you have something wrong with you and this is a horrible feeling. It sounds like you are not settled doesn't it?

It is likely this is all caused by your nerves

The decision about whether to investigate would be if you are getting food sticking, and/or losing weight.

However investigations may feed anxiety.............


Have it checked out, if there's nothing showing, you will know it's just in your head. I get these things from time to time. From thinking about my bodily functions including swallowing, breathing, etc. I've realised it's just my mind thinking it. Your mind is a powerful thing. If illness is ruled out, you will know you are fine and it's nothing to worry about. Good luck and hope the feeling goes very soon.


I've had every test going and everything comes back normal but still get this feeling...

Wish I could jus forget about it!!!


Get the book ESSENTIAL HELP FOR YOUR NERVES by Dr Claire Weekes. You can even get it second hand off eBay for a few pounds. There will definitely be a part in it that will help you with your problem. It covers most things from nervous fatigue to stress and fear. It may help you. Good luck and hope things change for the better for you

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Hi... yes I have this book... after reading it I felt loads better and convinced myself it is jus anxiety and I can get over it but now that throat feeling is back more than ever and I jus can't switch off from it!!!! It doesn't stop me eating or drinking .. but jus a horrible feeling of my throat being tight or something stuck in it... I went to the doctor agen and he said could be down to my Nasal drip or cud be my acid reflux but he said it's defiantly down to my anxiety ... wish i cud feel normal 😐😐😐


Sincerely hope you can sort it out so you can get back to normal. These things are sent to try us, or maybe just send us crazy 😱 Good luck with everything and when you do eventually feel more yourself, come back and let us know 😊


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