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How do I get over this anger??

How do I stop feeling angry with my ex mother in law for interfering and splitting our relationship up and with ex for being a mummys boy and not having any balls to stand up to her??

Is this just a stage of getting over someone...... Aftger only one week of our split I got the most horrendous message of his mother and sister, to a point of having to change my number and now Im just furious at the unjust of it all!!

why am I so bothered when I know Ive done the right thing...

Went shopping in asda today and could feel my anxiety rising and rushed round to get out... and I know its cos im still so furious and all this pent up anger is not good!!


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i totally get where you are coming from. Its not as bad for me as i have said before his Mum has alzheimers. It still does get to me when she kicked me out of her house when she lived in Scotland. He never once defended and i do bring it up. Once i hollered down the phone at him, she heard and grabbed the phone and had a go at me. When he lived in Scotland he was matey with a older guy who he looked on as a father figure. I believe this guy thinks i stole him away from up there. He used to email me jokes. When my OH moved down they stopped. Even a xmas card didnt have my name on, it was addressed only to him. When i get really pissed off i have a go that i have done so much for my OH, but others seem to think i am this bad big bitch, and he doesnt defend me. Then again like you say you know you have done nothing wrong. I can hold my head up high and just think losers. With his Mum its a case of ignoring her outbursts, as its not her fault.

You know from what people have said she has done this before. Some people are just bitter and twisted. Dont let them get to you. Easier said than done i know. Just let out on here.

Sorry bit of a rant there. Whoops. xx


Its so frustrating eh....... I think I need to join a gym or something.... too much time to think at the minute!! XX


You are angry because you are the type who cares,you are angry because between them your ex and his mum messed up a good thing you had.You can see that but they cannot because they are a pair of TITS!

You could never have competed with his mum,you are bound to be angry because its still raw,but that eases with time.I honestly don't think all this has helped your anxiety,concentrate on you and minimise other problems,this is hard enough on its own,take care.


thanks :-)


Hi Anne,

I'm not surprised you're angry. You have a good right to be. Breaking up with someone is hard enough without the added grief of knowing you had a good thing if only his mother wasn't in the picture. But she is in the picture and in reality she isn't going anywhere soon. You have been so brave making this decision now. It's so easy to go on for months, years even, flogging a dead horse. You knew there was no future so you got out.

Well done you :)

You've done the right thing and it will get easier.

Keep coming on here to stamp your feet and get it out of your system.



:-) thank you Lizard, it really helps to have other peoples opinion cos I always question my judgement.....thinking its my failings in relationships instead of others!!

Thanks ..... hope youre good too..



Never blame yourself for wat u did. It took courage to make the break. U couldnt survive within that situation. I have terrible anger problems due to family deserting me wen i needed them most. I hated the mother inlaw due to her treatment of my wife. I now divert my anger into excersise and diy projects. You are better than them in all aspects. I now if asked hows your family i reply i am an only child. Dont let the anger consume yourself. Take care and keep posting