health anxiety :(

i feel like my health anxiety is taking over my life, i feel dizzy, sick and cant controll my worrying about something bad happening to me like a stroke or heart attck, i get pains in my chest and my arm feels funny also get heart pulpitiations. i went to hospital the other night as i had this new antibiotic for a bad water infection as i had blood in my wee and as soon as i took this medicine my heart pounded i felt sick and dizzy really thrust and tiered. ive rang up the wellbeing service and my gps today to make an appointment with a doctor to talk about it. its getting me really down i feel useless as a mother. i wanna feel normal again and be my normal self :( i feel like im gunna be like this forver :(


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  • Am with you Hun you'll be fine honest it's a mind game you'll get there it's really hard I no I was panicking not long ago as I had a bad migraine sent me into panic mode had a nana nap now I'm ok 😍

  • I have that stroke fear always ugh! But it is my anxiety controlling my life. My anxiety likes to manifest in my head too often. It is so hard, I feel your pain dear. God bless you. 😚

  • i just hate feeling like this :( i used to be so happy and now i feel like im a totally different person... :*

  • I can totally relate. Someday we will find our peace. Believe it!😊😚

  • You look so pretty in your pic, awww. πŸ™„πŸ€—

  • Thankyou hun :)

  • New here but I have been dealing with health anxiety off and on for a long time and you will feel normal again. It may take time but you will. Just hang in there! 😊

  • I use to deal with health anxiety, and some occasions I still do, but no where near the amount I did a couple of months ago.

    If you are concerend with your health and in particular the heart, then go see a specialist. Have them take a look at you (its their profession) and see if there is anything to be worried about.

    You have to remember that your mind is a very powerful muscle and can mimic a lot of the things you think are resembling a stroke or heart attack.

  • I have been to the doctors loads, they just give a blood test and say it's my anxiety! I get al the symptoms of heart attack!

  • I get those symptoms too but I have learned to understand that it is anxiety and it will pass. Keep going and come onto here when you feel down and people here will help you. It is hard but with help you will get through this. if you ever need a chat don't be afraid to go for it I know what it is like.

    Good luck to you.

  • Thanks. I just can't stop crying either. I have 3 kids and I'm scared I'm going to die and leave them with out a mum. No one understands here and the doctors don't help. 😭

  • I get like that too at times, you think it's never going to end but it will, keep yourself as busy as possible, do positive things and you will begin to feel more positive again. It is hard and it will take time but you can make it. I was much worse a few months ago but these days I feel much better, focus on things that you enjoy doing, learn new things, just keep your mind busy and things will change.

  • I try to keep busy but I feel light headed and dizzy all the time! Or I get a pain and I start panicking! I don't see well as at night I overthink and can't sleep and start sweating πŸ˜ͺ

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