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Chest pains and back pain , neck pain

My chest been hurting like crazy its really uncofterble and its hurting by where my heart is at and i been having alot of spasms there and my arms and legs idk but everytime im getting these pains right where i can feel my heart i just think about a heart attack or something bad gonna happen soon if i really dont find out ehats really going on and they just saying its anxiety disorder like im not even thinking about these pains just comes out of no where with out even thinking about it

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Go to the Er then. Better safe than sorry. Maybe you can get peace of mind after.


im layingdown trying to not think about it


You may acid reflux. Does it come on after eating? Gas can cause these symptoms , or an overzealous workout.

Be ure to stretch well before workouts Johnnie. It is most likely something simple. Maybe you need a good vitamin supplement for a ittle extra magnesium.

Relax, be sure to chew your food well and no more stressing, You are all good!

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yeah maybe but no i doubt its acid reflux


Quite often, or so the hospital told me at the time, most patients who go to A and E thinking they are having a heart attack are actually experiencing something called ?Costocondritis. It is inflammation of the muscular skeleton ....ribcage.....maybe you've been over stretching or something or lying too long on one side.....it is extremely painful and can take quite a while to settle Down, but rub some Feledene gel or similar in and it helps.

Just a thought.


Yeah and it hurts for no reason


Is the pain in one place or all around ?


sometimes all around in one place and a spasm like twiching feel on my chest where my heart is


Are you talking about palpitations ?...you can get them when you are anxious....take your pulse(wrist) when you get them, see if you have an irregular heartbeat.

Sometimes you can get that if you take certain pills...or substances...I would say to go get checked out by your GP.



i saw alot of docters they say did echo and everything seems fine the last thing is X-ray they say if thats fine that mudicle pains nun to do with my heart but honestly i do have arrythmia rapid heart beat but they say not a dangerous one but i feel like something is wrong then i dont to find out late when something happens


Your rapid heartbeat is probably caused by your anxiety...it's a vicious circle...I used to get irregular heartbeats, had all the tests etc..nothing wrong....then my son was diagnosed with Iron overload (GH) This is when the body can't get rid of iron it cannot use, it can cause heart Arrythmia ...the condition is genetically inherited usually, but can be got from transfusions....why not ask your GP for a Ferritin blood test, there are so many people who have GH and don't know it ,also most doctors know very little about it.

But I think it's more likely anxiety in your case.

Get your blood pressure checked out too.

Try not to worry, you'll be fine.


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