I feel alone

the past 2 weeks I have been having really horrible thoughts about dying I feel like I am the only one scared and thinking about this. Its constant 24/7 overthinking what happens do we get to see our loved ones again or is it just darkness I know no one knows until it happens I like to keep positive and tell myself there is something life's too much of a coincidence to be nothing. I tell myself that there is and my mind telling me that there's not it is horrible and I cant shift the thought, also I have pain with my stomach chest act and convince myself its bad news its getting to the point where I'm unable to look after my daughter I cant work it feels like I am a zombie and not connected with my body iv been on medication for 2 weeks now and it hasten helped at all. I have my first cbt session tomorrow I really hope this works because I am only 22 I have a good job a beautiful daughter and its winding me up because I cant shift the thoughts.


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  • We are on the same page you're not alone, i wake up everyday with my heart accelerated and needles feeling in my hands and feet. It is the scariest thing ever that i convinced myself that i have a heart disease bc it gets oh so bad and the feeling of dying is just over the top everyday all day o cant seem to shake it

  • Hello

    I was so like you especially when I had my first Daughter that made it worse , I think because I felt I did not deserve all this happiness along with the fear of dying but give those meds time , 2 weeks is not long enough , you need to give them several weeks and then if you feel no different speak with your Doctor they will either increase the dose or try you on something different but hopefully it will not come to that

    The cbt you are starting again not an instant fix but it will help you to get to where this all started , why and how to retrain your thoughts and you will soon be enjoying your life and all the precious things you have in it like your Daughter :-)

    Take Care x

  • There is only one solution to the situation in which you are in, look out for meditation classes, you need to practice meditation, to bring harmony and peace in your life.

    I am not endorsing anybody but look out for classes run by Brahma kumaris they are in each and every part of the world.

  • Hi Hun 🤗 You not alone feeling this was I feel the same I wake up everyday thinking omg I'm going to die how I don't want to leave my little boy my head feels strange as I'm writing this and I'm thinking Iv got a tumour or something it's horrible Iv been having panic attacks strange thoughts I can't eat or sleep it's horrible I'm at doctors tomorrow to see if he can help me Iv never felt so low let's hope we both feel better soon hugs xxx

  • What medicine are you on? I feel the same about death I really do think we are here for reason as it could of easily not been here if anything in the past changed I hold on that thought but my mind does tell me it could be nothing after. What's the point if it is? It's not worth thinking about but the mind will do as it wishes. I have had two cbts I be keen to learn how you get on. Be great to live in the moment more I constantly wonder about death it's tiring how people push it to the back of their mind I dnt know. I have tried to exercise I work and keep busy but the aniexty is there a lot of a glass of wine can help take the edge of. I'm 28 no kids and fear I will worsen with kids. My cbt so far has been focusing on looking forward to tasks I enjoy and accomplish

  • Hi your not alone So don't feel like you are you can always talk to us we are all here to help each other , I feel the same Iv had a week from hell with anxiety panic attacks thinking I'm dying I'm completely exhausted to the point I don't want to face the day but Iv got a 18mth baby and have to get up and carry on its so draining these thoughts and fears and feelings they seem so real .. But don't feel alone talk to someone a friend family member or if you don't feel they understand we are here x

  • Thank you so much for the support i really do appriciate it im 22 and i have a beautiful daughter i dont get to see her all the time as me and the mother are not together anymore but anxiety is getting to much i tell myself im a good father i do as much as i can for her and there seems to be a voice in my head saying your not a good father you cant even look after her as the way iv been feeling its horrible no one deserves to feel like this atall i litrally just had a car crash me and my girlfriend where on the way home when i lost control of the car and we hit the lapost thank god none of us are hurt but its hit home how precious our life actuly is im greatful for everything and everyone i hope everyone gets better and i really want you all to appriciate what you have and enjoy your lifes.

  • Your pullin your self down just as I do don't do that, I bet your a great father yous as parents ain't together so it's tuff for you, a bet all u think about is her even if your not there

  • Most definate i try my hardest and thats all i have ever done its just how i am atm where my axiety is at its peak its tearing me in half knowing i need to be strong for her sake and it feels like im in a loosing battle

  • It's the most hardest thing ever to overcome it's a mind game but sit and think of the good things in life like for one your beautiful daughter, don't think of the bad things because it will get you down and send you into depression mode I'm the same but I have my kids a feel sorry for them more so, I don't let them see me emotional I hide my feelings and anxiety from family members as best as I can, but Nathan we all have one life and one life only we will beat this, what do you feel like in your self xx

  • Yes i agree an for you to say that and put a front on for your kids and family totally respect that because i know how hard it is and i wish i was as strong as you im unable todo that atm. I feel fine in myself i tell myself im going to get through this for my daughters sake i want to see her grow up and be happy shes only 2 i want to enjoy life as everyone does i just find it hard when i convice myself theres somthing wrong with me x

  • Well honest I'm not strong it hurts me inside it really does see with me it effected me that much my ex partner done everything for me and it got to much for him so I started doing things with him and it made me better but he put things in my head like I'm lying about how I feel I'm going crazy and he just youst to leave me in a state with my kids then wen we eventually split a got so much better because he dragged me down his words more so. But now a feel weird again a find it hard to go places alone etc I panic for nothing always dizzy weak tired and nothing seems to make me happy,. But for a woman like me I have everything going for me beautiful supportive family house car go to uni a do modelling what more can a woman want, I find it hard to communicate with my friends as I feel jealous that there normal and they can do daily things with a smile on the face. It is hard IPA day it hurts but you've just got to think blimey there's so many sick poor people out there we're not that bad xx

  • I couldent agree more you desurve to be happy as everyone does as for this i just try think its a faze we will push through this and we will be a much stronger person at the end i have faith things will get better as for how your doing in life sounds like alot going on and people would love to have the oppitunities you have and the same with my job im a good barber have alot of support from friends and family and yes people out there are worse off than us but anxiety and depression can happen to anyone the way i look at it is getting myself better then helping people when iv pulled through and become a stronger person x

  • That's so true we're together, your not alone always hear to talk thoughhonestyoul be fine xx

  • Thank you means alot you too x

  • Thankstake care x

  • Please pray to the lord Jesus Christ for salvation.. You all sound as if you are lost. Give your life to Jesus Christ. He will show you your purpose and he will give you guidance and he will fill the void you have in your life... Hope this helps!

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