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Hello all :-)

Havent been on to blog since friday. Hope u r all doing ok. Ive had some anxiety over the wkend. Ive been busy thou so its took my mind off it abit. The littlest kitten out the four I realised he was getting cold and wasnt feeding. So i had a rush to the vets to get a bottle and some milk for him. His energy soon built up.hes finally drinking off his mom now, even thou now and then he still cant so i have to feed him but hes getting there. Think im taking them to roses garden wen there old enuf to leave there mom, they can live there i dont think rose wud mind. Plus theres a good few cat lovers on here :-) well as much as i want to i cant keep them as that wud mean ive got 8 cats and if it wasnt for the other half i so wud. Xxx

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Missed you donaf but looks like you have had your hands full , what a lovely person you are looking after those kittens so well

You have come along way hun dealing with your anxiety , I can see the progress in how you are dealing with things

Good idea to take kittens in Roses garden , you no we will all help take care , there might be a party at the weekend , i think our new DG ( Minnie ) could be arranging one for us with Jamie Oliver doing the cooking as well ;)





Hi Donaf, lovely to hear from you again, though you have had your hands full!!!! Of course bring your kittens into the Garden, loads of people to look after them, love them and play with them, they'll be a huge asset to the Garden :) And well done for pulling the sickly one through! :)

Yep, as Whywhy says, hopefully a party in the Garden at the weekend, to celebrate Minnie's new job as Deputy Gardener ;) - so really hope you will be able to come, whenever it's arranged for - not sure yet, but Minnie or I will let people know.

Take care, hun, you're doing so well :)

Lots of love




Hi donaf so glad your precious is doing well and hope you ok havent been on having a few probs you if you got any advice after reading my blog please help me my nerves are worse today and chest pains tight xxx


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