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Hello all :-)

Hello all :-)

Had a better day even thou anxiety is still with me. Plus didn't get to sleep till going on two this morning and was awake at six. Looks like soaps and bath then bed as I'm tired. Ive got to fone the doctors at nine on Monday morning. The quicker I get back on my tablets the better I will feel. I have sorted my first list of baby stuff out to get the end of the month. Bottles, steriliser, bottle warmer, bath and towels, moses basket sheets and a deposit down in mother care on the push chair I've fell in love with. The rest of the things I buy will be either pink or blue. If it's a girl Chelsea May. If any of u have got any boys names I'm struggling there so it wud be a great help. Anyway I'm going to try and post picture of push chair if it works xxx

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Hey you

Stop making me jealous with all this baby talk :-D

I answered your last post & you had a boys name have you changed your mind

Well I think you should call it Will-i-am :-D

But I like Owen for a boys name , it is actually my ex hubbies name so couldn't give it my son as a name or this hubby might not have been to impressed , but I do like the name !

The pushchair looks fantastic !!!!

Are you like I used to be , I had the cleanest push chair there ever was , I used to actually clean the wheels every time I took it out :-D

Now I think you should have a nice warm bath & get your feet up & even if your sleeping is not s great at the moment make sure you are resting :-)





I'm excited most the times wen the negativity doesn't take ova. Will I am but don't think OH wud be to happy ;-) lol I'm relaxed after my bath but I'm watching twilight lol xx


The pushchairs you can get now look amazing , funny whywhy saying Owen thats my hubby middle name !!

If I'd had a boy would have loved the name Harrison :)

Mimii xx


I like the name Owen but so reminds me of this girl I knew with four really naughty kids that she just cudnt control. Her eldest was called Owen wen ever I hear the name it takes me back to her lol x


Hey Hun

Glad your feeling alittle better:)

Don't worry too much about sleeping, I've learnt this from my mindfulness course. If you can't sleep, except you can't sleep and just try and relax your mind and body through deep breathing.

As for boys names, Ben, Finley, , Alfie, I could keep going:)) xxx


I'm feeling more me today think my harmones made me feel worser yesterday. I crude half the day :-/ it doesn't bother me not sleeping but wen ur lieing in bed and can't sleep it's like the anxiety plays a big part cuz ur relaxing. I used to put my headfones on and listen to relaxation which helped. I've a Brett and Ben. I like Alfie it's a nice name x


Alfie jack is my younger grandsons name, and my sisters son had a boy at the same time and called theres, jack Alfie, lol. I must admit I was hoping they would have Harrison, or Harley as I like them names, but Alfie has grown on me, to start with I kept singing the song Alfie :)




I always wanted a son so I could call him David


Hi x Love the pushchair they are nice those ones, had similar with my youngest and was so easy to push and fold x I was like Why, was obsessed with my pushchair, used to clean it all the time x If it got a bit of wheel wear id buy another lol x I have 3 boys so it was easier to pick those x My 3 boys have the names, James Callum, Danny Jack Reece and Nathan Oliver Ruben x Hope you really enjoy your baby shopping xx :) Donver x


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